Your personal Ableton tips n tricks


Has anyone made the switch from Ableton crack to Ableton legit - and do you have advice / tips for doing this without losing or messing up existing sessions recorded in crack vers?


Made the switch around Live 8.1 I believe. As far as I can remember all the sessions opened seamlessly in the legit version, so I imagine things will probably work fine in 10. I definitely would keep the cracked version on your computer after installing and opening projects in 10 just so you can transfer any samples/plugins/etc. manually across the versions if need be.

I distinctly remember everything running much smoother on the legit version, and the CPU drain was far lower, as well!


Thanks so much for this, v reassuring. I feel grateful to have access to the legit version!


anyone got any compression tips using the built in compressors?


Put a simple delay on full wet, right click the device and set the skipping mode to “repitch” and then commence messing with the delay speed for a pretty gnarly scratchy skippy sound, I like to throw this on my master channel so as to create weird skippy effects in my sets.

Check it out and let me know


Same here, all my old projects opened just like before and I agree it seems to all be working smoother now, so I have actually spent quite a lot the last 2 years buying up a lot of the VST’s I had cracked too. Recommended!