what's some frivolous shit you wanna buy?


ok we can argue what is frivolous, i just added the word in the title to liven it up

i wanna buy a nintendo switch but sposedly they’re releasing a newer and better model this year so i’m gonna have 2 wait. i wanna play some zelda and some mario

i also want

macbook pro
final cut pro
some bookshelf speakers
another pair of ultraboost’s
moondog lens for iphone, same one that steven soderbergh used to shoot High Flying Bird
and the DJI osmo stick as well
NI’s new version of massive
a microphone
some criterion blu rays

this is also a shopping/wish list for future reference


probably some stupid fashion shit that makes me feel rich and tasteful

like some shoes

or maybe a jacket

or like leather gloves

frivolous shit is dope sometimes when u wanna feel good quickly but then it wears off


so like some off white yeezy golf wang north face supreme bape fit


but then id have to keep buying it to feel good

so i dont


wasuup with moondog lenses vs moment lenses

thinking about getting moment lenses but too poor rn


actually i think one day i will buy some baller ass sneakers for fun.

shoes, my weakness. prolly some trainer style nikes that some artist collaborated on the design of and whom i want to use to meet boys and girls that would recognize said artist and be impressed by the rarity of the sneaker and price of the sneaker and then think i was rich and had taste (i have taste, no riches) and then talk to me and initiate a fulfilling relationship that would lead to coitus


i’m sure one day you’ll find the right pair of shoes that’ll lead you directly to the coitus


or the right shoe triggered coital partner


so i can get that frivolous fuck


but it dosent really seem that fun, tbh


instead, ill make things with what i have and save what i get to make things i dont have and buy things that make me think things i have are fulfilling and meet people who think things into being so we can think make and be fulfilled.


i’m dying y’all :rofl:

…the irony is that a beat-up pair of old Vans probably increases your likelihood of getting laid more than the latest ultra fly designer shit


I like a nice notebook but I don’t write much so don’t really know why I keep buying them. Also more modules, even though I purposely just reduced my setup to a skiff size.


honestly tho im curious what people have bought that maybe other people would say is frivolous but makes them feel great and is totally worth it. fuck whatever other people say, whats baller and makes you feel baller?

for me its my iphone max xs cus i use it for photography and video, and when i go out to eat in big cities every 3-6 months i ball out at a restaurant because i want to have a $150 dining experience that blows my mind (rarely happens). or a $25 record once in a while.

i also have been buying the same $25 moleskin notebook because ive been filling them up for 12 years, super satisfying.


when i have a home and money i will buy art. particularly outdoor ready sculpture and photography.


I always considered my music buying habits being borderline frivolous.


How so? I’ve always justified it as mental health medicine…


I’m still paying down students loans so I live in a pretty spartan apartment.

Once that’s a little more under control and I can ditch the roommate and acquire more counter space, I want to buy a proper espresso machine and build a home for the cocktail ingredients.


is it though? when you are operating at the level most of us are, music consumption is a mental condition in and of itself :sob:


50mm lens for my camera.
A new tattoo [a botanical half-sleeve]
Fancy ass wine.
Reverb plugin.
Frames for hanging up art in my new apartment.
Cheap art that isn’t pinterest-core decoration.

I’m trying to save and budget though, so these are mostly on the backburner. The less I want, the more I have…