What labels do you fck with that are relatively unknown?...


…or not, hit me with some sick labels!


Some niiice tunes


Shouts out to New Motion



FLUF from Copenhagen up next :fire::fire:

Their website pretty dope too


Il Padrino, never really heard anything about them and stumbled across them on Bandcamp one day. I like the $mick and Ladybarn stuff.


A\VOID Music - Experimental ambient, boogie and rnb stuff


I have recently started fckn w GGBR also outta Toronto as they have some Buffalo/Rochester artists in the mix and its a vinyl focused label… in North America - cannot but support that!

Every time I am shopping for open-ended rare groove stuff I go for the Big Crown - sure shot ting


Are these guys from Rochester in the video you posted? Would love some good Rochester/Buffalo hip-hop recs for my friend from the roc.


Australian garage/bassline/overall slutty dance brilliance label ONEPUF does it for me.


Also my friends over at Kindergarten have a great new DIY label going on. NYC based mutant club bass type stuff


+1 on Astrophonica & Enmossed

I’ll add Firescope (run by Steven Rutter formerly of B12, great releases from him along with Morpholoy, Kirk Degiorgio, John Shima and others)

elli - experimental Italy label

Seagrave - fantastic D&B/hip hop heaviness from REQ, Drumskull, Tuskan Raiders, ETCH and others

Mirae Arts - just listen to this Bokeh record, one of the best of 2020






Big fan of HRMC for some 140 explorations



ive rlly love wet trax, a crew of gay and trans techno djs and producers from toronto who have been making fast and loopy techno with overt queer themes in packaging and art as an alternative to the generic commercial “circuit house” played in gay clubs continentwide. expect the odd hard house track and ballroom mc here and there.

shout out to dj genderfluid, thx for following me on twitter! c:



i love this flaty release. ive been jumping it to every one i know ever since it came out lol


Soda Gong is doing their thing but kinda surprised they arent more popular with the Dubplates & Mastering and Alex McCullough connections


sorry just saw this…

pretty sure Flee Lord reps the Roc. ElCamino from Eastside Buffalo… Bozack from T-Dot I believe

ElCamino got these singsong hooks that harken to 50cent but way bluesy, like u can hear the pain… lovin’ it

check these Roc artists too I just found from a quick Soundcloud dive

p.s. just Followed u on Soundcloud SorryRecords - greetz from Upstate yaheard?!


Gonna add the sickest label I’ve heard in a while to the list

Check out ILIAN TAPE on #SoundCloud

Created by the Zenker brothers it’s got some hella nice shit on it.

Too many bangers to share go check em out


Hey, I’m new here, and have enjoyed reading some of the threads so far including this one so…

I’d second the Ilian Tape recommendation and thanks for the other tips.


Cong Burn - Manchester label… some ace various artist eps and tapes… A Flaty connection too…

Opal Tapes continue to push some great new music and I also love discovering stuff in the back catalogue like D.A.R.F.D.H.S…