What frequencies you pumping atm



listened to DJ Koze Knock Knock like 50 times today. jesus.



loving the lead-off track on this EP. rest of the record not as great but this is a dope groove so had to post it


new Shed. fxckin epic.


kinda ignored this album when it came out but this song is amazing. perfect mix of their dark new wave roots and luxurious techno precision.


this track fucking bangs



Can’t stop listening to this Shed track at the moment. Does anyone know if he sampled something here? I swear I’ve heard a very similar track with vocals in it.



Digging this new Panda Bear LP, great vid too

Also how bout that new Lee Gamble EP, seriously loving it on first geez. Got the Nkisi and Black Merlin LPs bought but not yet taken the time with them, should be a good few days on the train.




Really really loving Buoys. Like album of the year already loving it. It’s the album I’ve been waiting for him to make, sparse and minimal yet still psychedelic and full. Beautiful music.

Also as someone that has had family and friends lose their fucking minds and been there to integrate em back to reality this video made my soul smile. Noah knew that the best thing he could do for Dean was take him out and do something normal and somewhat distracting from his probably heavy with emotion and confusion normal life as a touring or recording musician that just lost their mind. What better a place then the fair? And seeing him navigate the hall of mirrors…he’s sort of aloof yet sincere, dunno what happened specifically but Dean’s got good people by his side.


angry melancholy music for when feeling angry & melancholy

loved seeing a uniform track appear in twin peaks season 3