What frequencies you pumping atm


Yoshinori Hayashi - Bit Of Garden





this shit is insaneee


Duke is the fucking man. I could dig through live boots for the rest of the year and not be unhappy.


fuck yes

this is one of my favorite album covers



oh wow how did you find out I-iii was laurel halo? this new one may be the best track of last year for me


Most recently added tracks


Kanye just needed some chuuuuch




stick or twist


the first cut off this album is a fuckin rip in space-time T.T

100% copping the record next check


“tune reminds me of my first e”



also wondering where it was discovered that Dolce/Bun So Nude was done by Halo ?


Well, was hoping to let that one float off into the digital ether as I’m certainly not 100% on that…just heard it from a reliable source. Should prolly change my handle if I’m going to gossip recklessly;)
(and apologies for the reckless gossiping.)

and for the sake of sticking to the thread, anyone been blown away by the manonmans album on young echo? utterly sickening.


dope beats



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