What are you watching?


Rad, wanted to watch this a few years ago but couldn’t find it on streaming services. Will probably watch this week.

I watched the Other Music doc about the East Village record store the other day. Can’t recommend it enough, especially now as they are splitting streaming fees 50/50 with record stores and local movie theaters of your choice:


A great document of what a record store can be, and another restating of a bunch of well known facts: Manhattan has turned into a shopping mall, brick and mortar is dying, and people aren’t buying records and definitely not CD’s. We all know this but, it’s hard to watch culture, spaces, and communities immolate before your eyes. Quite emotional towards the end, but I respect the owners’ ability to accept change.


nice, definitely want to check this East Village doc out. is it just available in the US? or if I email matt at factory25.com will I be able to get a rental for home viewing?


I’m not sure about outside the US, although you may have better luck at this URL?


Embrace The Serpent
Birds Of Passage
Frontera Verde show on Netflix
The Last Dance show on Netlix


really enjoyed Embrace The Serpent, thanks for reminding me

I’ve recently downloaded a Tartovsky, Kubrick, Satyajit Ray and Kurosawa archive…all their films, and wondering if folks here have favorites / recommendations of where to start with these four directors.

Obviously Ive seen most of the big Kubrick films but not so much of the other guys, yet. Looking forward to diving in and would be cool if anyone wanted to watch a film too an share what they thought of it…could be fun to do in a thread?


Not my fav but great starters:
Tarko : Stalker (obvioulsy)
Satyajit Ray : the one with the lady in the house watching the outside world tru the window
Kuro : Ran


Saw Embrace the Serpent last night. What a trip. Was planning on watching only an hour of it and going to bed after but I lost track of time and finished the whole thing. Beautiful story and stunning visuals.


Watched a bit of it on a plane (back when) and stopped. Can’t remember why but didn’t click with me. Might give it another try.


When I first saw season one I loved it! The thing is, it’s not really a detective story, which is funny given the title… The detective elements feel super shallow. Evidence just ‘comes up.’ I just felt it was very thin from that aspect while everything else was great. I also thing Season 2 got lots of hate. I didn’t finish it, but enjoyed what I saw.

I’m currently watching the Wire and I think it really takes the crown for me. I don’t think I’ve seen a better tv show. Everything seems lacking in comparison. I’ve seen the Sopranos and Six Feet Under and loved both. I think the Wire is just… better. It’s well written. The story is super sharp. ALL characters are interesting and feel multi dimensional. Now I know the last season isn’t that good… I’m almost done with season three so I’m curious…


The Wire takes the prize for this scene alone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdfwFDZGnUk - quality bit of detective work.


Knew which scene before clicking lol. That scene was so freaking well done.


That first scene can be brutal and I would def say it is not the best casual movie, but worth giving it another go


Six Feet Under, Sopranos and The Wire is some of the best shows ever made (the Golden Three of HBO productions).
I gotta hand it to SFU though, such dark themes but still intriguing all through the seasons. And the finale is one of the dopest I’ve ever seen.


In general I don’t really bother to watch shows, or films. Some that struck me lately is Mandy and Ex Machina; Mandy mostly because of its cinematography and pretty colours, Ex Machina for the acting and theme in general.


mandy made me a nic cage fan 100%
he is a fucking lunatic in that movie lol


Yeah, that role could not be played by anyone else than Cage imho. I had tickets to Color out of Space, but the crisis fucked that up. I got some tickets I can use later, but they’re not running it anymore which sucks. :frowning:


oh damn i haven’t even heard of that movie - ill have to check it out


The show is called “3%” :slight_smile: