What are you watching?


Just finished RIcky Gervais’ new show on Netflix, After Life. It’s pretty decent if I may say so myself, especially if you’re a fan of his.


remarkable. such complex emotions expressed in this film which looks stunning all the way through. reygadas strapped a camera to a plane flying over mexico city until it lands?

and finally got around to What We Do in the Shadows. so funny, i adored it. basghetti


hella exciting


just finished High Life by Claire Denis

intriguing and disgusting - but somewhat disappointing/annoying

i loved so many of the ideas presented but feel like each one needed twice the presentation time given


I love Legion and almost everything about it, but really don’t like Dan Heller who plays David, the main protagonist, and that sucks. Other than that, and still… it’s a great great show!


Just watched The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, the doc covering Elizabeth Holmes’ fraudulent startup Theranos. Totally engaging doc revealing the rise and fall of a sociopathic entrepreneur and the deceit of “innovation.” Recommend!


sounds good! gona check this


Just finished watching American Vandal S2 with my bro. It’s really great and more conclusive than S1. Highly recommend.


fucking Westworld. anyone else?


Started watching season 2 of the Wire. Can’t believe that I waited this long to watch it when I loved Six Feet Under and the Sopranos when I watched them ten years ago. Watching this after watching the Deuce makes me feel bad for enjoying the Deuce. While it’s not bad, it comes no where near the Wire.


need to check out six feet under and finish the deuce. enjoy the wire! considering re-watching that again too


going to watch this tonight or very soon, rent here for 2.99


Westworld baby (I’m on team Dolores). Devs as well which seems to be similar kinds of themes.

Recently rewatched Parks And Rec for a bit of an easy, happy watch when I was feeling crap.


Interesting. How did it turn out?


yea very good, it’s almost two hours long. worth a look if you’re even mildly into mo wax, dj shadow or unkle. lots of info within on it all


Rad, wanted to watch this a few years ago but couldn’t find it on streaming services. Will probably watch this week.

I watched the Other Music doc about the East Village record store the other day. Can’t recommend it enough, especially now as they are splitting streaming fees 50/50 with record stores and local movie theaters of your choice:


A great document of what a record store can be, and another restating of a bunch of well known facts: Manhattan has turned into a shopping mall, brick and mortar is dying, and people aren’t buying records and definitely not CD’s. We all know this but, it’s hard to watch culture, spaces, and communities immolate before your eyes. Quite emotional towards the end, but I respect the owners’ ability to accept change.


nice, definitely want to check this East Village doc out. is it just available in the US? or if I email matt at factory25.com will I be able to get a rental for home viewing?


I’m not sure about outside the US, although you may have better luck at this URL?


Embrace The Serpent
Birds Of Passage
Frontera Verde show on Netflix
The Last Dance show on Netlix


really enjoyed Embrace The Serpent, thanks for reminding me

I’ve recently downloaded a Tartovsky, Kubrick, Satyajit Ray and Kurosawa archive…all their films, and wondering if folks here have favorites / recommendations of where to start with these four directors.

Obviously Ive seen most of the big Kubrick films but not so much of the other guys, yet. Looking forward to diving in and would be cool if anyone wanted to watch a film too an share what they thought of it…could be fun to do in a thread?


Not my fav but great starters:
Tarko : Stalker (obvioulsy)
Satyajit Ray : the one with the lady in the house watching the outside world tru the window
Kuro : Ran