🔥 this hot hot heat


It’s too hot, global warming can suck it.




moved my entire room into the basement even if its just for one day… it’s raining here in Mpls but its a hot hot rain on the fresh asphault outside


really thought this was going to be about the band Hot Hot Heat, which I probably haven’t thought of in…near a decade? lord


the heat is very annoying because i have to run a loud ac unit in my room all day, not a problem if im listening on headphones but im a speaker guy so… just gotta crank everything up a bit



The most annoying thing about the heat is the sudden abundance of people everywhere.


may i be the first to officially declare: fuck summer and all the people who revel in its existence, it is the worst season of the year,

like yes thank you i really wanted a section of the year where if i dare to even look out the window a swimming pools worth of sweat just unloads from my body


100% agree. The only good time during summer is night time. Which is why almost by default I become completely nocturnal during this season.


It was somewhere between This Heat and Hot Hot Heat. (And the weather.)


I personally like wearing only boxers or lavalava and grumbling about having to wear a tshirt to leave the house. after long Berlin winters long may the heat continue ;D


Are we complaining about real heat, or like “British heat” ?




here’s how the uk looked from the satellite in may vs how it looks now in july. the heatwave has accidentally turned the place into a desert lookalike. people were postin pics saying how it looks like they’re in the middle of arizona or something when theyre actually in the midlands


welcome to global wierding. and i mean that in the dune sense.

adapt or perish, same ol story.


well yea obv

its just a fascinatingly stark image


yeah forreals. more to come soon enough.


re: permaculture, symbiotic life, etc etc do your best


Time to start tracking drams


like cash machines?