🔥 this hot hot heat


i love it tbh. whole global warming agenda needs to be considered way more seriously than it does but im pretty much a lizard. its no coincidence areas that are really hot produce a lot of bizarre spiritual/eccentric cultures

hot + humidity is the recipe for life mates, quite literally


no offense to any Brits but if you actually came to Arizona you’d melt instantly


please dont with this. i am sooo damn tired of the “its hotter over here” schtick lmao. please understand, it was hot for us and nearly reached a record high; we are fully aware it gets hotter elsewhere but that dont mean we aint allowed to complain about it! :stuck_out_tongue:


maybe a good comparison in this case of the heat in UK would be “imagine if went to -10 celsius in Arizona…” :smile:

*edit- it probably does tho right?


@kavanator it does not. lol!


Maybe in the mountains? Here in Phoenix the annual low is probably closer to like, 10C.


This is true. My apologies.