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What do you guys think of this mix?


I used to spin for 2 hours every Monday evening on a local internet radio station broadcasting live to air - it was great practice just rinsing tunes and building endurance through long sequences of music, having to stand by and manage the broadcast in realtime - spinning vinyl warts and all, replete with obligatory clangers, but some nights were just on though – went through lots of new vinyl playing during these years… and playing radio made me expand across genres, if anything to keep things rollin… this one is worth it just for the opening salvo of groovy etherealism… Blind Jack’s Journey kicking things off



Another one

"This music fits into a loose group that’s kind of the opposite of the darkside sound in the last uploaded mix. A bright, sometimes more uplifting sound.

Starts with a few club tracks, through to cuts / RnG influenced grime, through to footwork, hardcore and 150-160BPM grime.

Couple of dicey bits in this one, soz. You get what you pay for."


Wht is this podcast about?

Here is a mix I did and felt quite proud of… Give it a list. Mellow house with some disco:


couple of pals and i do a radio show in glasgow every couple of weeks

here’s last week’s