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I used to spin for 2 hours every Monday evening on a local internet radio station broadcasting live to air - it was great practice just rinsing tunes and building endurance through long sequences of music, having to stand by and manage the broadcast in realtime - spinning vinyl warts and all, replete with obligatory clangers, but some nights were just on though – went through lots of new vinyl playing during these years… and playing radio made me expand across genres, if anything to keep things rollin… this one is worth it just for the opening salvo of groovy etherealism… Blind Jack’s Journey kicking things off



Another one

"This music fits into a loose group that’s kind of the opposite of the darkside sound in the last uploaded mix. A bright, sometimes more uplifting sound.

Starts with a few club tracks, through to cuts / RnG influenced grime, through to footwork, hardcore and 150-160BPM grime.

Couple of dicey bits in this one, soz. You get what you pay for."


Wht is this podcast about?

Here is a mix I did and felt quite proud of… Give it a list. Mellow house with some disco:


couple of pals and i do a radio show in glasgow every couple of weeks

here’s last week’s


Here is a mix I did for a podcast, Noctuary. Tracklist Below

Antenes - Take Me To The Birds (For A)
Gayphextwin - Nonsense
Terre Thaemlitz-Yer Ass Is Grass -
Terre Thaemlitz - Elevetorium
SS/S - Siglo 3
Private Service - Low Living
Pulsewidthmod - An Awakeing
Andrea Parker - Undercurrents
Ciel -Blo A WIsh
Chole Harris - Trbl (Original Mix)
Jasmine Infiniti - Flight at O’Hare
Erica Mar - Winnona Ghost Rider
Throbbing Gristle Hamburger Lady (Carter Tutti remix)
Object Blue - Cordelia’s Call To Arms
By Design - Ciara Black
Isabella - Pinned
Bored Lord - Crush On You (Arie Zetina Remix)
Lisa Lashes - Lookin’ Good
Void Vision - A Version
Eva Schlegel - Diesel Engine
Nymphaea - First Molt
Boy Harsher - Suitor
Adriana Lopez - Sin Sentido (Original Mix)
Ellen Allien - Go On Girl!
Erika - Awakening
Ectomorph - Psychic Downfall
Steffi & Dexter - Kopstoot (Original MIx)
Cherushii - Ultraviolet NIghts
Violet - Miami (Ursa Reef’s Trance Edit)
Umfang - Ecstatic Layer
Fatima Al Qadiri - Pre-extinction (Incompatibility)


I did a bit of a “concept” mix for a friend’s podcast called Moods.

This mix is a mostly-chronological exploration of the last 5-6 years of my life (December 2013 to present), as I left my cocoon in MD/Washington, DC for sunny Los Angeles and later Minnesota (where I live now). During this span, I discovered myself and my “DJ voice” through heartbreak, stints in the music industry, as well the light and dark sides of club culture. I’ve interspersed field recordings from a recent trip to India among mixed sections, two records (one from LA, one from India), as well as some text-to-speech of an old Mondo 2000 essay and an academic paper, and some video clips played off my phone.

Here’s the Soundcloud link.

And here’s the tracklist:

Apparently, Mike Servito is gonna do one this season after me? Super excited to hear his tbh.


some synth, some dub and a lot of skweee

  1. Servi - Worte Suchen - (Amiga)
  2. Presser - Adagio Electrico - (Pepita)
  3. Pyloris - Comme Dub - (Unknown Label)
  4. F.S. Blummbastic - Badeboom - (Pingipung)
  5. The Snugs - Trying Dub - (Freestyle Records)
  6. Legoluft ‎- Computer Dub - (Unknown Label)
  7. Poborsk - Do The Centipede - (Disques Mazout)
  8. Fengir - Royal Assassin - (Flogsta Danshall)
  9. Levon Zoltar - Falafellas - (Harmönia)
  10. JMO - Jallu Fever - (Harmönia)
  11. Spartan Lover - Soccer Conny - (Kluts)
  12. Mesak - Passion Of The Geist - (Harmönia)
  13. Ya Tosiba - Maşin - (Pingipung / Hafenschlamm Rekords)
  14. Tapes - Somebodies Baby - (Workshop)
  15. V.C. - Skin N’ Juice - (Disques Mazout)
  16. Cuverville - Silex Funk - (Disques Mazout)
  17. Cuverville - Silex Funk (Limonious Remix) - (Disques Mazout)
  18. Duke Slammer - Sola Invictus Virta - (Karl Marx Land)
  19. Ixvo-Exvo - Arovo - (Digital Vomit)
  20. Coco Lowres - Karl Marx Land - (Karl Marx Land)
  21. Baba Stiltz - Sexy Daniel - (Flogsta Danshall)
  22. Ben Butler & Mousepad ‎- D More II - (Musique Large)
  23. Wu-Tang Clan ‎- After The Laughter Comes Tears (Instrumental) - (Unknown Label)
  24. Death Comet Crew - Let The Clubs Ring - (Diagonal)
  25. Don Papa - Outcast (Latino Dub) - (Sex Tags Amfibia)
  26. Limonious - Moon Baboon - (Flogsta Danshall)
  27. Mesak & Claws Costeau - En Keksi, Pentele! - (Bassmæssage)
  28. Jean Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket - Froots Juice (Wankers United - Frothy Remix) - (In Vitro Records)
  29. Fitzroy North ‎- Cronopic - (Ancient Robot)
  30. Rigas Den Andre feat. Slow Hand Mötem - Dans La Fenetre - (Harmönia)
  31. Randy Barracuda - Mongoloid - (Flogsta Danshall)
  32. Daniela Salvia - Bamboo Shoots And Ladders - (Ancient Robot)
  33. Mesak - Mukama - (Digital Vomit)
  34. Cuverville - Slata Méchouïa - (Digital Vomit)
  35. Mesak - Perso - (Laton)
  36. Sven Atterton - Prime Time - (Omega Supreme Records)
  37. Vim Cortez - Microscopium - (Electro Avenue Records)
  38. Duke Slammer - Watch Betsy Boogie - (Bonus7)
  39. Daniel Savio - Voice Of The Voiceless - (Dødpop)
  40. Logic System - Karelia - (Express)

uh, some blendings are pretty raw … but i don’t care …


Not been doing this for long but this basically sums up what this winter was to me. This one is more techno than usual but I’ve mostly been mixing anything I find to have a bittersweet melody.

I’m liking the idea of mixing tunes that you wouldn’t likely hear together, but when I’ve run out of seasons, I’m not too sure what to use to drive the mixes lol


This was really good, and I had a listen through some of the other Moods mixes as well, and lots of gems. Thanks!


Did a new mix and an interview for Novafuture.



  1. Varg - Kvarteret Helvetet - Posh Isolation
  2. Convextion - Venus In Spurs - Matrix
  3. Vedomir - Dreams (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - Dekmantel
  4. T++ - Audio1995#8 - Apple Pips
  5. Wrong Assessment - Rebirth Cosmin TRG remix - AWRY
  6. DJ Sodeyama - TEST PTTRN 014 - Quartz Rec
  7. Anastasia Kristensen - Donni - ARC
  8. Marcellus Pittman - Dirty - FXHE
  9. Shadowax - A & B (Buttechno Remix) -RASSVET
  10. Nina Kraviz vs Snazzy -U Ludei Est Pravo! - TRIP
  11. Carl Craig - Angel (Japanese mix) - Planet E
  12. Forest Drive West - Persistence of Memory, Pt. 2 - Hidden Hawai
  13. Upsammy - Another Place - Nous Klaer
  14. Ploy - Unruly - Hemlock
  15. Simo Cell - Ego Death - Lavibe
  16. Echopplex - Your Place (A Made Up Sound remix) - Solar Phenomena
  17. Barker - Cascade Effect - Ostgut
  18. Solar Quest - Flying Spirals - Plus8



For my first post I thought I would share a couple of mixes to introduce myself.

Ghost - The Spooks
Terror Danjah - Spanish Fly
Nude - Inspiration
Ilana Bryne - Dub Box Medicine
DJ Skurge - Electrocuter
Acen - Close Your Eyes (XXX Mix)
Detboi - Groovedigger
Cristian Vogel - Lucky Connor
LSDXOXO - Rockstar69
Jammin - Kinda Funky (Wookie Remix)
Anthony Shake Shakir - Frictionalism
Dan Curtin - ???
Oris Jay - Trippin (Nu Mix)
Kelela Vs. Steve Gurley (Bok Bok Refix)
Spooky - Together 2k16
J-Sweet - Gutter
Shackleton - Headcleaner
Beta Librae - Red Herring
Scratchclart - Dumpling Riddim (Feat LV)
Teakup - Darkcore 2020
Toastyboy - Full Clip
Geeneus - Amazon
Roxy - Breakbeat Science
Swisha - Reconstructed Club
Mnemonic Deejay - Control Mission (Massive Mix)
False Witness - In The Dark
LSDXOXO - Codename Cottonmouth
Teakup - Pulse
Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage
Narcotic Syntax - Muff Diver
Higher Intelligence Agency - Ketamine Entity
El-B - Amazon
Plasticman - Shallow Grave (L-Vis Refix)
4E - Mind Frame
Teakup - Pulse
Si Begg - ???
Ilana Bryne - Mmm Mmm Mmm (Ciel Remix)
Ciel - Hundred Flowers Groove
DJ Abstract - Touch
Liquid City Motors - Intrinsix
Max Holiday - Latin Intellekt
Jasmine Infiniti - What I Need
Beta Librae - Cosmic Machines

Siavash Amini - Subsiding
Skit - Juneau
Swimful - Lonely God
Liquid City Motors - Funktional Mathematiks
Paul Marmota - Signal
TSVI - Parade
Nkisi - KILL
Nidia Minaj - I Miss My Ghetto
Dirty K - Pyroclasm
Ikonika - Shovel
Riton - Rinse and Repeat (Ase Manual Remix)
DJ Lycox - Solteiro
Rahaan - No Time For Love ( Seraphine and B. Ford’s Mahi Mahi Mix)
Golden Donna - Hospital
Delta Funktionen - Onkalo
Silas & Snare - Biometric
Hecate and Kareem - No Return
Floorplan - Ha Ya
Gemini - Stand Up
Ase Manual - No Evidence
Lighter - Skanker
Cooly G - Narst (TSVI Edit)
Ase Manual - Chanel Instrumental
Phelimuncasi - Inamandla
NKC - Dual Power
Ikonika - Oral Suspension
DJ Missdevana - Brass
DJ Lag - Ice Drop
Walton - Taiko
Tarquin, TSVI & Luru - Come to the Dance (Instrumental)
Wristboi - Congregation
Bungalovv - Healing Snakes
coucou chloe - Halo
Grobbie - One Time ( Spooky’s Two Timing Remix)
LTHL - Ferrum
downstate - 98’ roller
Elysium Alps - Wild Blue
Liquid City Motors - Catalytic Converter
Kotei - Hold Tight
Kotei - Ends
Murlo - At The End (Die For Me)
Hyph11e - Unknown Number (M.E.S.H. Remix)
T++ - Dig
Zombi - Digital Flora

This is my latest one, I haven’t gotten a tracklist together yet:

I hope you enjoy them, this is basically my drive time commute music…


kettel - halt him
v; vm - monroes stockport
ben frost - theory of machines
the haxan cloak - excavation (part 1)
robert lippok - textured
archivist - photosynthesis
acronym - photosynthesis
function - disaffected
delta funktionen - redemption
araya - po track1 3 bfw
anthony rother - destroy him my robots
klute - maintain
microlith - acid in a church
mikron - black sands
joe - grimelight
lurka - stabiliser
hackman - close
kosh - casablanca vice
reptant - ectoplastic
lanark artefax - glasz
adam johnson - autopop
surgeon - radiance
amstra - bad trip
local group - inside out
the cotton club - nu jack
fast eddie - i can dance
rhythm composer - a2
calculator - dont surprise the user
rhythm composer - a1
dj valentimes - work
maelstrom - czarna woda
acrelid - collective memory loss
rachel wallace - i feel this way (m&m remix)
zenithal - lift up
lee gamble - motorsystem
slake - music to your head
bruce - i’m alright mate
dagshenma - 2_ arthat selfrmx
soul edifice - national insurrection
monolith - vigtron 3stun
dj donna summer - such language
??? - wave emoji
viewtiful joe - 0356
dwaallicht - 32614
luke vibert - 165 303
aleksi perala - uk74r1822030
second woman - 100407jd7
kettel - halt him


The tracklist pulled me in and played the whole thing in one listening. Very nice one.


cheers :slight_smile: I am happy with it and glad I got to play some weird tracks in a cool room!



Another mix, mostly dubstep and grime segueing into 2-step in the second half.

There are a few other bits and pieces stuck in edgewise…


not a mix but a remix i just done last night ;; it’s still kinda rough and i’m gonna trim it up later this week but i rly wanted to do some rapidfire lyrics over some heavy gabber track and ye ::


Hi, this is my first post so thought I’d share a new podcast I’ve just started:


Scuffedcast is the podcast of the Scuffed Deejays blog. Our main focus is on showcasing up and coming talent in music but also musical trends and developments.

Today’s show is a showcase of current Drum and Bass sounds. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below!

00:00 Intro
00:59 The Specials - Ghost Town (Stelphy Super Spooky Bootleg)
05:01 Taxman - Evasion (Traumatize Remix)
08:39 Kola Nut - Sonic Rain
10:40 Kodin - Cognitive Distortions
14:18 Pharaoh K - Enter (Deadline Remix)
18:17 Wings - Integrate
21:55 Phibes - Get The Fuck Up
24:19 Terrence & Phillip - Rasta Roller
27:45 Terrence & Phillip + R3DX - Ghetto Bass
31:14 Erb N Dub, Malux & Tony Anthem feat. Doctor & SMK - Blaze Up The Fire
34:30 Basstripper - Black Spider
38:07 Dutta - Lion Hair
41:46 Fanatics - Phobos VIP 2
45:22 Maze & Alphaze - Monster (Ironlung Remix)
48:40 Skantia - Slim Don
52:41 Rebound X - Rhythm n Gash (Phibes Remix)
55:23 Dexed - Listen
59:00 Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (AC13 Bootleg)