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an all house mix. only one hour, but just some stuff from all over my library. hope you guys enjoy and if you do please share with others!


thank you for taking the time to listen, and moreso to write back :pray:


very happy to hear that! thank you!


can’t believe i forgot this pearson sound rod lee flip


also! da dip! yes!!!


hey all ★彡
my mix for fervence records just went up a bit ago - would love to know what u think of the selection


slapped this out on some 350s, kinda rough but o well

some other random shit i forgot i had done:


Did another mix for the Bern based Radio Bollwerk, less techno this time, and exploring a few other avenues and BPMs. Thought it would fit the forum.


New podcast for Monument, enjoy!


I love Monument, looking forward to checking yours out!


Here is a warm-up set I did with a friend I play with quite a lot, and Jim&Jan is our alias when we play together. A name that has stuck although originally beeing a joke as we played a festival a few years ago and he wore a white hoodie and wore a black one… so yin/yang - Jim&Jan. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s quite hard and banging, so not your usual warm-up fare, but it was a small room and filled up really quick so we jumped right in it.

First mix we posted online, as we really enjoyed the flow and build of the hour we had to play.


Just uploaded 11 mixes from the past two years onto here, the medicine patch series is from my vinyl on some janky turntables and a rane mixer, mycelium patch is on virtual dj on my laptop. i’m broke and too busy travelling or i’d get better gear. one day. enjoy. :flying_saucer:


betamax warriors mixcloud

plenty of mixes here

been trying to update them fairly regularly


Three more mixes:

Oldschool house mainly. fun & happy vibes.

House, bassline and other kinds of rude modern house music to annoy snobs.

Dark & scary. Grime, oldskool dubstep, footwork + a few others.


Very rough and silly mix I made a few months ago. Spans from jungle to hard trance to snap and footwork and bassline. Amateurish but I’m proud of it


Our contribution to Worldwide FM’s International Tribe mix series. Forthcoming Nervous Horizon, Keysound, something from our new label and some unannounced bits too.


Another of my sets with my main partner in techno, and this one is a hard and groovy techno set we played live at a club here in Oslo, Norway. We played the dark room, and had a packed room full of techno heads, sweat dripping from the walls and I will always cherish this mix fondly for the memories.


Recorded a fresh set for the Tournée Générale show on Couleur 3, which is one of the main national Swiss radio.

Some super fresh tunes mixed with some forgotten classics. Hope you like it.


  1. Wanderwelle - The Fire Dance - Silent Season
  2. Opuswerk - 2YB - Kina music
  3. JP Enfant - Fadings -A.R.T.Less
  4. Agonis - Spacejam (Valentino Mora Deep Blue Rephase) - Amethia
  5. Lapien - Moonser (natural/electronic.system) - TIKITA
  6. T++ - Audio1995#8 - Apple Pips
  7. Sterac - Scientific Methods - Klockworks
  8. Norman Nodge - Tacit Knowing - Ostgut
  9. The Advent - Elektra Fix - Metalbox
  10. Berg Jar - Aö - PPRUK vs ROOM
  11. Bjarki - Cooking Up The Baien - TRIP
  12. Peter van Hoesen - Cygnus Atratus - Lavibe
  13. PTU - Mstera - TRIP
  14. Com Sin - Vedenie
  15. DJ Metatron - Where Is Home - Giegling


another great mix man - just followed on sc ★彡


Yet another bloody mix.

"Dark tunes.

Starts with tracky kind of tunes which I can’t rly categorise, through to grime, through to dark footwork and jungle influenced tracks. Just under 130BPM up to abt 170.

Look out for the Lightworks companion piece in a couple of weeks (same kind of genre / BPM progression but with ‘lightside’ tunes rather than dark ones)."