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Been a while, hi everyone. Hope all is well. Enjoy this mix of some Hip Hop Reggae House and Soul.

Wu Tang Clan
Masters at Work
Nina Simone
Hugh Maskelaa
…to name a few

Wishing you health and abundance this Autumn :fallen_leaf:


EBM and Post-Punk Techno. Each episode features myself warming up and a different guest featured on each monthly show.


mix of groovy and moody darkside dynamics.


archive of the episodes i did for Internet Public Radio


RAVEN - Track 13
Prefuse 73 - The Man & Who He Really Is pt.3
Amber London - Get Ya Game Up
Black Ant - I Can Walk Into Any Project In the World and Chill in the Building
AshTreJinkins - blkng-7h35un
Eludem - clean getaway
Melanie Charles - Be On My Side [ddust version]
Blanck Mass - Sundowner

as @nickecks well said, health and manifesting this fall


Nice setup maaan! dope mix too…


Proud of this one. Recorded and posted it up on the Tube last year then forgot to share. Enjoy. :black_heart::ghost::jack_o_lantern:


My first show on Voices Radio.

Dembow, electro, bass, halftime - lots of weird and wonderful bits from 100bpm down to 85.

Artist Track
Yre Den - Inlight
Khidja - Plot
Cabaret Nocturne - Blind Trust
Shadowax - Nikolai Reptile (Original Mix)
K-Lone - Batucada
Merca Bae & ZutZut - Loodi
Amarú x Imaabs - Fe en la Mantis (Imaabs Remix)
Siu Mata - Tokamak
The Bug - Insane [feat. Warrior Queen]
Significant Other - Memory Drum
Ploy - Pax Cultura
Sevenbeatz - Balfigor
CRRDR - Bogotrah
Kibo Travella & Mczo (produced by Duke) - NINAASILA
Simo Cell - Short Leg
Dome Zero - What Does It Mean To Temper Steel?
Kaval - Tom Manzarek - Amor Riddim
Laksa - The Amala Trick
Coucou Chloe - Juicy (feat. Shygirl)
TSVI & Randomer - Reflex
Metrist - GMFGR
Cocktail Party Effect - Grims8
Amon Tobin - Breaking Protocol


older mix of mine i came across recently