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First mix from my new mix series for CSUF.
“Practice Sessions is a radio show that alternates between recorded live vinyl DJ sets and digitally curated mixes. PS traverses through the rich lineage of the UK hardcore continuum, mainly with dubstep and grime, as well as jungle / drum and bass / breakbeat, bassweighty techno…” and more. It’s a continuation from my A/V mix series still on-going on Youtube.

This mix is a grab bag of random tracks, mainly some ambient / downtempo / hip-hop stuff / some unpolished tracks of mine towards the end.


Funk, Soul, House and Techno

Tom Waits
Aphex Twin
Avalon Emerson
Daft Punk
and lots more!

Enjoy and Sending Love to All :two_hearts:



I recorded a live DJ mix for my campus’s radio station. First part’s typical DJ fare from me ranging mostly around 140 tracks across the spectrum with a little bit of downtempo and breaky techno, and the second part is all ambient, from piano melodies to haunting synthwork. Links for mixcloud (with TL) and soundcloud are in the descriptions.


Scroll down and its mixes:

And more here:


Latest edition of my radio show - an electro special, featuring Neil Landstrumm, Cassius Select, Defekt, Mosca, Dexter and even some Radiohead.


10th installment of my Practice Sessions mix series. All selection no beatmatching on this one. Tracklist in description.


downtempo styles and vibez for this Practice Sessions mix.


Hi everyone. Haven’t done anything for ages bc I’m not really feeling the inspiration and basically can’t afford to buy tunes at the moment! But here’s something I did for someone at the beginning of 2021 and I really liked. Mostly calm house vibes, good for walking in the woods with.

Maybe some old jungle mixes or something to come if I can fix my motivation. Hope you enjoy!

Oh and if you like this guy’s artwork check him out on insta as he’s really good, I met him through my gf and he is a lovely guy as well!

EDIT: the link doesn’t show on mobile - but it’s and it’s called Vs. Rare Pleasures. Hopefully this will show!

"Mostly house with a bit of techno and a few wildcards - placid to start, bit more lively at the end.

I heard the majority of these tunes from Rare Pleasures (@rare.pleasures on instagram) who has impeccable taste and is a very talented artist who kindly let me use some of his artwork for this mix."

D. Tiffany - Get Back To You Soon
HNNY - Nothing
Larry Heard - Missing You
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts # 6
Actress - Always Human
Luke Solomon - Raw Feel
Session Victim - Good Intentions (LP Mix)
Shinichi Atobe - Lake 2
Wayne Snow - Red Runner (Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND Remix)
Blue Boy - Sandman (Original 12")
T.Williams & James Jacob - The Learning Process
Laurence Guy - Saw You For The First Time
Andhim - Hausch
Orbital - Chime (Extended Version)
Logic - The Final Frontier (Acoustic Mix)
Girls Of The Internet - When U Go
Gusto & DJ Face - U Got D’Groove
Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Masters At Work Dub)
Honey Dijon - State Of Confusion (The Maurice Fulton Remix)
Industry Standard - Industry Standard Vol. 1
The Messenger - Guide My Soul
Kerri Chandler - Think Of Something
Kenlou - MAW War (Gotta Get That Groove Thang)
Finn - Scandalous Little Number
Sworn Virgins - Fifty Dollar Bills
Actress - IWAAD
Mr. G - Daily Prayer
Parris - Aqua Surge
Girls Of The Internet - What U Done 4 Me
Midland - Double Feature
Dance System & Simbad ft. KG - Deeper (Extended Club Mix)
Peverelist - Left Hand
Randomer - Smokin
Anz - Loos In Twos (NRG)
Jamie XX vs DJ Koze - Come We Go
LSDXOXO - v x x d x x p v s s y (Extended)
Minor Science - Blue Deal
MJ Cole - Sincere (Re-Cued)
Kush Jones - Ari Dub
Skee Mask - Flyby VFR
Vladimir Dubyshkin - Lady of the Night
Lee Gamble - Emu
Rezzett - Zootie
Interplanetary Criminal - Vapour
Rezzett - Worst Ever Contender


Also did a couple of mixes in prep for going to Primavera and giving an entry point for the ppl I’m going with who are less dance music oriented. Slightly more throwaway so put them on which is my old account from before I started the str_apx stuff. They’re basically minimixes of a few artists.

This one is Shanti Celeste, Leon Vynehall and D Tiffany.

This one is Dance System, Blawan, DJ Stingray and Terrence Dixon / Population One.


Practice Sessions #13 - The Hour Mix. Not the best blending at some points but this is one of my fav mixes.

last track got cut out so here’s the full one on mixcloud.



and the A/V set, which had the last track cut off cause of copyright reasons.



“Recorded an all vinyl DJ mix in low visibility conditions. UK Funky selections, some house bits, and 100% vibin’ vibes.”



Gigi - Bati bati
Elvyn le conquérant - Balaie la nuit
Deantoni Parks - Bandolero
Autechre - Lentic Catachresis
John Glacier - On Formulation
Deantoni Parks - Storaro
Push Button Objects - Interlude (1)
black ant - yu’s moment
Autechre - Nil
Lukann - Bend Soothe Ignite
Push Button Objects - Non-Existant
Bahamadia - 3 The Hard Way
(Despo Rutti - Les plus belles roses poussent dans la merde)
(Bramsito - Les roses poussent dans la merde)
Apparat - Fractales Pt. 2

may we all know peace sometimes


some underground sounds from croatia :yum:


Bass/Club/Decon/Breaks mix- Afro-Arab artist Gold Plates


ambient vinyl-only mix I recorded late in November as the weather started getting cold.