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Teebs - Universe (live on House Shoes’ Magic)
Moor Mother - Passing Of Time
Akofa Akoussah - Ramer Sans Rame
Free the Robots - Maranao (Album Version)
Mach Hommy - Nothin’ But Net feat. Your Old Droog (Beats by Earl Sweatshirt)
Big Kahuna OG & Fly Anakin - Quarters (Prod. Foisey)
Moor Mother - Engineered Uncertainty
Blanck Mass - Please
DELOFI - Cream
Paul Lansky - Notjustmoreidlechatter
Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy - Parola
Arima Ederra - The Boogie Man Song
Teebs - Slumber
Wee - Stay
Akofa Akoussah - Tango


Latest Money Cat Records show recorded on 11.05.19, from Half Moon Radio in Brooklyn, NY. Enjoy :slight_smile:


“Mostly instrumental grime, starts dark & murky. But this mix keeps veering off in weird directions, so about a third of it isn’t grime. It’s a bit messy at times and I was going to redo it, but there’s enough enjoyable happy mistakes in this version that I ended up appreciating the messy energy. So here it is.”

Lemzly Dale - What We Do (feat. Merky Ace)
Jook - Juice
Manga Saint Hilare - Do My Ting
Drone - Sapphire
Inkke - Fuk Dat
Rapture 4D - The Hour Before Next VIP
Jook - Behind Schedule
DJ Ladybarn - Speakers
Drone - Been This Way
Royal-T - Polyphonic
DJ Q - More Than You
Lemzly Dale - Go Away
GUNDAM - Capsule Gang
Trim - I Am
Shackleton - Furnace Of Guts
Shackleton - Furnace Of Guts
Zinc - 138 Trek (GUNDAM Refix)
DJ $mick - Party
Jakebob - Hymn List
Slick Don - Hold Out (feat. Emira)
Tarquin & Neana - C-Mine (GUNDAM Rework)
Peverelist - Und_92
Scratcha DVA x Gage - FLYTNURSE
Rapture 4D - Circus
NA DJ - respect khaen
Manga Saint Hilare - Good Over Evil
Kahn & Neek - Chevy (MJK Chevy Hoe Refix)
DJ Ladybarn - Beer
Mom$ - Untitled (Aggro Edit)
Manix - Headin’ To The Light
Tek 9 - You Got To Slow Down
Manix - Alright Wid Me
DJ Clent - 3rd World
DJ Clent - Hail Mary
1991 - Celebrated As Difficult


Stro Elliot - Soul II Stro
Teebs - Prayers ii
Carnage x Section Boyz - Bimma
Section Boyz - Do The Road
DJ Spinn - U Ain’t really Bout Dat Life
DJ Rashad - Let It Go
DJ Rashad & DJ Manny - Drums Please
asonic garcia - Treelief
asonic garcia - Tribu (homies)
asonic garcia - make cycle break cycle ∞
(The Alchemist - Location Remote)
Chromatics - Girls Just Wanna Have Some
88rising - Midsummer Madness
PARTYNEXTDOOR - Buzzin’ ft. Lil Yachty
(OL’KAINRY & DANY DAN - Classic Shit Feat Busta Flex & Lino)
asonic garcia - One for Lasa
(Dilla - Last Donut Of The Night)
50 Cent - What Up G


┼∄X┼ꁌ∄▲K - CXB7 RADIO 480 BLXXDBEEXXꁌk-cxb7-radio-480-bldbee/
Le Castle Vania - The Otherside
Rrose - Dissolve
Centrific - Itchy Hawkins
Quirke - Hydraulic Deer
Lapalux - Momentine
ishi vu - Metamorfos
Amon Tobin - Sounds Like Moths
Lapalux & JFDR - Thin Air
Burial - Old Tape
Rrose - Horizon
How I Quit Crack - Firewalk
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Refuges From Black Magic
Yello - Bostich (Ancient Methods Remix)
A Pleasure - Durutti Goestching (Zillas on Acid Remix)
King Rambo Sound - Boring Acid
Kim Gordon - Don’t Play It
Sega Bodega - NSFW
Hiro Kone - Akoluthic Phase
Blac Kolor - Muscle Car
Light Asylum - Pope Will Roll
These Hidden Hands - Isopod (Ancient Methods Remix)
Turvia - Drama
IVVVO - Face
Rabit - Carti Real Friends
Cabaret Voltaire - War of Nerves (T.E.S.)
Arthur Russell - Barefoot In New York
Gary Numan - Metal
GORSEDD FM - Blood Solstice
Jesuon - Face Marks


Hey everyone. Here’s a guest mix i did for Hive Mind on


mix i put together for masht nyc:


With Sons of Achab we made a podcast for Seek Sick Seek Sound. It includes lot of our influences, such as Lakker, Sam KDC, James Holden, Boreal Massif, Oake, Swarm intelligence and many more! (tracklist in the description). I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:


have a listen <3

omorp mix


One I done for the guys over at ‘We Are Minder’ in Edinburgh a few months back


┼∄X┼ꁌ∄▲K - CXB7 RADIO 481 ᏗᏕᏖᏒᎧᎶᎧᏖᏂᎥፈᎥᏕᎷꁌk-cxb7-radio-481-ᏗᏕᏖᏒᎧᎶᎧᏖᏂᎥፈᎥᏕᎷ/

808 State - Empire

Hiro Kone - Aion A

Camomile Dawn - Laura (Beautiful Mix)

Denis & Denis - Ti I Ja (Bartoszek edit)

Kovyazin D - Memories

Haram Tapes - Regime Change Through Reduced Legitimacy

ishi vu - Touch of Cloth

Iglooghost & Kai Whiston & Babii - Teef Chizzel

Aïsha Devi - Light Luxury

Sophia Saze - Torn

Monochrome Noir - Playing With The Silence

Portion Control - Chew you to bits (Bartoszek edit)

Arbeid Adelt! - Help (Me Ik Stik) (Vinilette ́s Edit)

Not Waving - Walk Of Shame

Adrian K. Smith - Just Like Hugo

Cosey Fanni Tutti - Tutti

Perdu - Road To Yuzu

Adrian K. Smith - The Song Of My Life

Ike Yard - Elysians

Hele Utopia - Xanthippe

Hele Utopia - Utopia

Overmono - O-Coast

Scott Walker - See You Don’t Bump His Head

front 242 - least inkling

December - Encore

EYE - Acqua vera

Rnbws - Rope

Traversable Wormhole - Wormhole Highways

Beta Evers - Foreign Control

Eerie Volver - A Particular Type Of Acausal Energy

Rhys Fulber - Fission

Bestial Mouths - UNSHIVERED