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Hello hello,

Low Arts Club invited me to do a mix (and interview), for which I combined my own FLUQS works and music that inspires me, varying from Aïscha Devi to Ben Frost, to surprise surprise… Autechre. Spend a lot of time on this, as I really wanted the different tracks to blend/morph, in a way that the end result would sound like one long piece… one long drift, wonder how you guys perceive this!

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Really like their webdesign, fits with the the mix I think, but here’s the SC link as well:



FLUQS – Sculpture Red
xin - Black Light, Blind Fire
FLUQS – Sound installation for Aura and Leslie
FLUQS – TodaysArt 2018
Autechre – 32a_reflected
Horacio Vaggione – 24 Variations
Giant Claw - Soft Channel 002
An Gella – Bad Analogy
Racine – White Nike Stack
FLUQS – Untitled
FLUQS – Concrete
FLUQS – Exqod
~raw – Poly Bios
Aïsha Devi – Numen J
Ben Frost – A Single Hellfire Missile Costs s100,000 & Threshold of Faith
Clark – Un U.K.
Lakker - Maeslantkering Gating
FLUQS – Xagae
FLUQS – Kamaga


Here is an almost all vinyl set I did in a classic cars showroom in Oakland,CA

Lots of Techno, some Hard House, Soca, and even an original production from myself


Sporting Life - Badd
Chip Wickham - Hit & Run 7
Tawa (M.E.S.H Remix) daena
Afrikan Scienes - Evolved in twists
DJ Roc - One Blood
Madlib - That’s The Way That Its Gonna Be
Jansport J - Crush
Eric Sermon Feat Marvin Gaye - Music
Yesterdays New Quintet - Papa
Deantoni Parks aka Technoself - Homo Deus IV
Eminem - Loose Yourself (Beat Konducta Version) Mixed by Zwuk
JRocc as Flaunt Edwards - Anymore
Khotso Raba - Ice _ From Crossing Border - South Africa
Madlib - Dark Alley Incidental Music _ from beat konducta in India
sptmbr yngstr - the passing
Savath y Savalas - Abri.l Closed _ The Predicate (dub version)
Prefuse 73 - Breathe
Prefuse 73 - Mantra For Two feat Tyondai Braxton
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Acerca de la Viva
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Sensory Decay Part II _ from a manual dexterity
we could die here - sweet home
Eartheater High Tide (Co-prod. by Acemo)
Internazionale - Avatar In Life
Francis Harris - Park Life
Dean Blunt _ Soul on Fire - BEEFA (FT POISON ANNA)
Omar A. Rodríguez-López - Here the Tame Go By
‘Guillermo’s Bolero’ Flaming Lips with Prefuse 73
Prefuse 73 - An Effortless Lavender Swim
School of Seven Bells - My Cabal
Liquido - Narcotic
Sporting Life - Court Vision (feat. Evy Jane)



closing is magic !! what is it ?


thanks homie. this is a mashup of Konduku - Yeşil Ağaç (DB1 82 Remix) ( (at 118 BPM) and the closing section of Reckno - Mandelbrota (


Done a mix of new footwork (mostly)

“Footwork stuff, mostly more recent stuff. The whole range: blissful serenity through to cold & paranoid. Spins off into weirder non-footwork territory at the very end. Mostly from bandcamp, so if you like the tracks go buy em. RIP DJ Rashad.”

Kush Jones - BANG 2019
Traxman - In Da Air
Heavee - Burnin Up
DJ Taye - LaLa
DJ Spinn - Deep
DJ Manny - O.T.F.S.
DJ Rashad - Try 2 Be
DJ Earl - That’s The Way
DJ Paypal - Slim Trak VIP
DJ Manny - Can’t Get Enough
DJ Bobby Skillz - Dem Workz (Tekk Dub)
EQ WHY - Positive Energy
Kush Jones - CURRY RAMEN 16’ (ft. SWISHA)
Kush Jones - SESAME
Bass Taco - Flip My Chips
DJ Manny - Set It Off
DJ Akeera - Lithium Trakk
DJ Spinn - Roll In Piece
DJ Earl - KickinYaMInd
DJ Earl - Open Up
DJ Manny - Driftin’ On By
DJ Akeera - Egyptian
??? - Wave Emoji
Sharda - Gum
Morwell - Eyes On Me
Kush Jones - DUBBY DELAY
DJ Manny - Turn Me Up
DJ Akeera - Gold On Ya Neck
DJ Earl - OnSumNuShyt
Mom$ - Untitled (Aggro Edit)
Ackroyd - Bend Sinister
Mica Levi - Death


I did a mini mix for a friend a while ago and i decided that it could go on the net and get some airplay. It was broadcasted this Friday gone on Threads Radio in London through Abuzed Radio Show thanks to the Dazed and Confuzed crew (and more specifically Triangular Shaped). It’s is a ~20 minutes Amplified mix, starting from 115 heading up to 145 bpm into the unknown
I hope you like it.



Yuk. - kulam
Dixon Hill x Guilty Simpson - Welcome
Sporting Life - Hydrate The Hustle
dakim - mellan
Boubacar Traoré - Soundiata
Teebs - Black Dove (feat. Sudan Archives)
Flaunt Edwards - Desilu
Reckno - Mandelbrota (w Spurv)
Hidden Orchestra - First Light (Nostalgia 77 Remix)
Isaac Hayes - Ike’s Mood I
Prabhu Edouard - Sohanukku
Jacques Coursil - Nunna Daul Sunyi


This one is a mix of (mostly) new grime stuff

“A bunch of mostly grime, mostly instrumental, more melodic than my usual grime mixes but there’s a bit of grimness still. Part two will be a bit grimmer and darker.”

Lolingo - Evolve
Moony - Distant Clubber
Waifer - Ghost
DJ Mondie vs Kamikaze - Straight Kyote (Oliver Twist Refix)
Murlo - Moss
Sir Hiss - Kyoto
Proc Fiskal - Megabus
Tarquin & Jammz - Sly One
Lolingo - Skittles
Dj Garna - Trapdoor
FFSYTHO & Filthy Gears - Bop Through Ya Manor
Kave Jonson - Home Time
Rapture 4D - The Hour Before Next
D.O.K. - Warning (MJK BOOTLEG)
Hi5ghost - Fracture
Slimzee & As.If Kid - JudgementDay Turbo RMX
Grandmixxer & Slackk - Untitled '15
Inkke - Lazer Combat
Jakebob - Hymn List
Terror Danjah - Control Alt Delete (ft. Trends)
67 - New Park Road (Sirpixalot Remix)
Micachu - GO (with Tirzah)
GUNDAM - Nujabes Tribute
K-Ro - Nostalgia
Footsie - Move To The Beat
Lolingo - Arsonist (Instrumental)
Slimzee & As.If Kid - Judgement Day (Dj Garna RMX pt. 2)
Drake - Poundcake (GUNDAM Refix)
Boylan & Slackk - Never Come Morning
Sir Hiss - Can We


And here’s older ones for ppl in a halloween mood :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:

Mostly oldskool dubstep, bit of techno-y stuff.

Oldskool dubstep, bit of grime, footwork.

New grime, footwork and jungle, new sounds that are kind of ‘club’? I don’t know what stuff’s called anymore.

Mixes about being depressed.
First one is old grime & dark garage, gqom, weird techno etc.
Second is grime, dark garage, weird techno, footwork, jungle.


Made a new alias to showcase/play some less party-y stuff I like to play.

Loto Retina ft. Asio Otus - Galactique Dune
From - Digitalis
Djrum - Creature Pt. 1
Visitors - Joyo Can You Hear (Part 1)
Joy O - 81b
DJ Python - pq cq
Richard H Kirk - The Feeling (Of Warmth & Beauty)
Mr. Mitch - Phantom Dance
Oqbqbo - Usnea
Maxxbass - Untitled 1 V1
Neel - Morning After
BAL 5000 - Dream Dub For Sarah
Donato Dozzy - Parola (Rework)
Alex Zhang Hungtai - Matrimony
Alva Noto - Uni Blue
Silicon Scally - Protocol 2
Pleasure Wars - April 4th - / We Could Do So Much
Renick Bell - The Well
Vanlight Folk - Ar Du Min Dotters Angel
Upsammy - Branches On Ice
Overmono - Quadraluv
ISSHU - Under The Pink Sky
Wen - Off Kilter
Joshua Sabin - Sutarti II

First time actually recording a mix when playing this type of stuff so comments and/or criticism is appreciated!


wow sweat, diggin this mix rn, already down, can’t wait to reach the inkke track


Hi everyone !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m happy to share with you my latest podcast recorded for the London-based crew LOOSE LIPS !!

I recorded a 3 hours dj set, including lots of deep vibin’ electronic music influences.

I didn’t take time for the exact tracklist, but I played vinyls from Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Efdemin, Skee Mask, Stenny, Jiman, Xantrax, Farron, Laksa UK, Al Wootton, Sam KDC, Nullpunkt Records, ETCH, ENA, Martyn, gremlinz and Jesta, Oliver Yorke, Homemade Weapons, Bungle… and many more… If I take time for this I’ll give you. :slight_smile:

Enjoy this one!


Dixon Hill - My Word
Melanie Charles - Be On My Side
(Viola Davis Oscars Acceptance Speech for ‘Fences’ Oscars)
KG,B - little black girl
Dixon Hill - Clear Spirit
K, Le Maestro - So It Begins… [HOUSE SHOES FLIP]
BRAY-D - Doomsdub @str_apx
AHK - WBDB Call Letters
Mndsgn. - Starving
Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin
John Frusciante - Tiny Dancer
Tinariwen - Amalouna (feat. Noura Mint Seymali & Stephen O’Malley)
Ali Farka Touré - ASCO
asonic garcia - peace homie
Dixon Hill - Welcome (Instrumental)
TROX - Spanish Sleaze
dakim - passage / object / faerie


Glad you like it! Doomsdub is sick, know absolutely nothing about the producer which is always good. I liked it so much it’s also the opening track from Grime Two which I’ll post up in a week or so.


hey folks. new here so thought i’d share the latest in a mix series of electronic i’m doing.

patters 5

hope u like



Deena Abdelwahed - Tawa (Clip Remix)
Naum Gabo - Raze
Pragma - Amna (Clock DVA remix)
Blac Kolor - Burning Bridges
Mondkopf - Ease your pain (Somaticae remix)
Innsyter - Blimp Works
Kontravoid - Turn Away
HIDE - Grief
hypnoskull - Mech.Ind (Surgeon Remix)
Stave - Hardened Chord (Regis Remix)
Ancient Methods feat. King Dude - I Am Your New King
Deepchild - SWAGZ
Serpente - Símbolo
JTC - Alpha Helix
Jordan Fields - Video Flash
Second Woman - Apart I
Lord RAJA - Fox Den
Xavier De Enciso - Long Distance
deepchild - Philistine Riddim
Ancient Methods feat. Prurient - Walking on Cursed Soil