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Here is a partial tracklisting

| spednar
artwork - basic g
zuli - trigger finger
martyn - ghost people
technomania - techno-latino
horsepower productions - let’s dance
hackman - change my life
fpi project- going back to my roots
the cyclist - aurora
dresvn - untitled (remix)
the feedback people - tear down the place
dj dolo - jungle production house
cloud 9 - blissful ignorance (tango remix)
dj rashad - ccp2 feat dj spinn

| cutups
big dope p - bigol butt
dj assault - ass-n-titties
lefty x sideswipe - bad girlz
freshtildef - let me go
w00dy - like what u do
iglooghost - zen champ
chimpo - quick queue
drake - god’s plan
youth - club bomb
terrorythmus - sike
dorian concept - toothbrush
sophie - bipp (tielsie remix)
pzg & dubsknit - movin hardcore
konflict - messiah
wisp - lark & lion
hrvatski - vatstep dsp
remarc - r.i.p. (remix)

| spednar
marvelous cain - dubplate style
remarc - ice cream & syrup
dj ss - black
dom & roland - the bells
nico & future forces - brain
asymmetric - bear’s den
bewwip - tTemplate k mix
squarepusher - tequilla fish
dgohn - all the fuckin as
cleanhead - obsession
mr oizo - breakdown
dj flash - pulp fact
mensa - unknown
shield - my flava
doshy - redworm
noisia - brainstich
loft - that hyde trakk

| cutups
96 black - celsius loss
aphex twin - cock/ver10
dj slam - looking into the light
scarlxrd - 6 feet
abnormalities - black acid machines
stereoman - waai
sophie - faceshopping
nenah cherry - buffalo stance
paranoid london - blue-ush
biochip c - information superhighway
neon - don’t mess with this beat
electroset - the theme from techno blues

| spednar
desto - neptune
jack sparrow - loveless
commodo - space cash
kromestar - kalawanji
loefah - disko rekah
the feedback people
octive one - chillin out
renegade - something i feel (2 bad mice remix)
austin peralta - capricornus




Hello hello,

Low Arts Club invited me to do a mix (and interview), for which I combined my own FLUQS works and music that inspires me, varying from Aïscha Devi to Ben Frost, to surprise surprise… Autechre. Spend a lot of time on this, as I really wanted the different tracks to blend/morph, in a way that the end result would sound like one long piece… one long drift, wonder how you guys perceive this!

}}} {{{

Really like their webdesign, fits with the the mix I think, but here’s the SC link as well:



FLUQS – Sculpture Red
xin - Black Light, Blind Fire
FLUQS – Sound installation for Aura and Leslie
FLUQS – TodaysArt 2018
Autechre – 32a_reflected
Horacio Vaggione – 24 Variations
Giant Claw - Soft Channel 002
An Gella – Bad Analogy
Racine – White Nike Stack
FLUQS – Untitled
FLUQS – Concrete
FLUQS – Exqod
~raw – Poly Bios
Aïsha Devi – Numen J
Ben Frost – A Single Hellfire Missile Costs s100,000 & Threshold of Faith
Clark – Un U.K.
Lakker - Maeslantkering Gating
FLUQS – Xagae
FLUQS – Kamaga


Here is an almost all vinyl set I did in a classic cars showroom in Oakland,CA

Lots of Techno, some Hard House, Soca, and even an original production from myself


Sporting Life - Badd
Chip Wickham - Hit & Run 7
Tawa (M.E.S.H Remix) daena
Afrikan Scienes - Evolved in twists
DJ Roc - One Blood
Madlib - That’s The Way That Its Gonna Be
Jansport J - Crush
Eric Sermon Feat Marvin Gaye - Music
Yesterdays New Quintet - Papa
Deantoni Parks aka Technoself - Homo Deus IV
Eminem - Loose Yourself (Beat Konducta Version) Mixed by Zwuk
JRocc as Flaunt Edwards - Anymore
Khotso Raba - Ice _ From Crossing Border - South Africa
Madlib - Dark Alley Incidental Music _ from beat konducta in India
sptmbr yngstr - the passing
Savath y Savalas - Abri.l Closed _ The Predicate (dub version)
Prefuse 73 - Breathe
Prefuse 73 - Mantra For Two feat Tyondai Braxton
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Acerca de la Viva
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Sensory Decay Part II _ from a manual dexterity
we could die here - sweet home
Eartheater High Tide (Co-prod. by Acemo)
Internazionale - Avatar In Life
Francis Harris - Park Life
Dean Blunt _ Soul on Fire - BEEFA (FT POISON ANNA)
Omar A. Rodríguez-López - Here the Tame Go By
‘Guillermo’s Bolero’ Flaming Lips with Prefuse 73
Prefuse 73 - An Effortless Lavender Swim
School of Seven Bells - My Cabal
Liquido - Narcotic
Sporting Life - Court Vision (feat. Evy Jane)



closing is magic !! what is it ?


thanks homie. this is a mashup of Konduku - Yeşil Ağaç (DB1 82 Remix) ( (at 118 BPM) and the closing section of Reckno - Mandelbrota (


Done a mix of new footwork (mostly)

“Footwork stuff, mostly more recent stuff. The whole range: blissful serenity through to cold & paranoid. Spins off into weirder non-footwork territory at the very end. Mostly from bandcamp, so if you like the tracks go buy em. RIP DJ Rashad.”

Kush Jones - BANG 2019
Traxman - In Da Air
Heavee - Burnin Up
DJ Taye - LaLa
DJ Spinn - Deep
DJ Manny - O.T.F.S.
DJ Rashad - Try 2 Be
DJ Earl - That’s The Way
DJ Paypal - Slim Trak VIP
DJ Manny - Can’t Get Enough
DJ Bobby Skillz - Dem Workz (Tekk Dub)
EQ WHY - Positive Energy
Kush Jones - CURRY RAMEN 16’ (ft. SWISHA)
Kush Jones - SESAME
Bass Taco - Flip My Chips
DJ Manny - Set It Off
DJ Akeera - Lithium Trakk
DJ Spinn - Roll In Piece
DJ Earl - KickinYaMInd
DJ Earl - Open Up
DJ Manny - Driftin’ On By
DJ Akeera - Egyptian
??? - Wave Emoji
Sharda - Gum
Morwell - Eyes On Me
Kush Jones - DUBBY DELAY
DJ Manny - Turn Me Up
DJ Akeera - Gold On Ya Neck
DJ Earl - OnSumNuShyt
Mom$ - Untitled (Aggro Edit)
Ackroyd - Bend Sinister
Mica Levi - Death