Rabit // CRY ALONE DIE ALONE (self-released)



yeah i dont have the right drugs to enjoy this one lol


fuckin awsome lol. reminds me of delroy edwards slowed down funk series. really love the concoction of down south music and experimental music. the southern sound is such a powerful and musical genre


It’s amazing that we went from single-celled organisms to this.


Love it. Anybody knows anything that sounds similar, like distorted chopped n screwed , or is this a new thing?


def Delroy Edwards

lil ugly mane and spaceghostpurpp have a similar production aesthetic but w original raps, not just edits

tbh it also reminds me of that first Salem record

dj screw, ugk, pimp c, the first three 6 album are all good if u wanna check out what all the above are referencing


Witch house def had it’s high points. Always happy to have something more in that vein. Is the whole album like this?


I would definitely second spaceghostpurrp. Pitching clams casino down also yields similar results:


Bit the bullet on this one and it fucking owns. Just a heads up for anyone on the fence, Tiny Mix Tapes said this wouldn’t be online for long. (I mean I know that’s impossible to enforce, but officially at least)


^ possibly because of samples used? there’s only one track for preview which is unusual. anyway FOMO


this has grown on me a bit


ughh this slappppss

something somewhat in the vein…


this track is definitely a kind of spiritual cousin:


Thanks everyone for sharing similar things because this release is actually addictive as hell and I’m going to need it. I enjoy plenty of the recent wave of rap which is more about the beats than the lyrics, but even so, this is somehow what I wish that stuff sounded like.


this is amazing man ,


It sure is! I wish I had more info on the track… the tape cover implies that it was made in the 80s, but its unfortunately not from 1987. The sample definitely moves a date of production closer to something like '95, but it is still soooo ahead of its time


its all memphis and dj screw learn that history, ugk scarface 3-6 anyone from memphis/texas/sw circa 91-98 was all about this sound…then cash money came around then gucci and wayne’s label and kanye and BOOM the south runs rap


the genesis



okay so we need a southern rap section then lol