Rabit // CRY ALONE DIE ALONE (self-released)


burial (especially citing ”sweetz” here) meets the south basically - 10 is out of this world


Yeah 10 is a serious contender for the highlight. I also love the Three Six Mafia track. This is making a great, more laid back companion to the new Death Grips.


Apologies for the double post but I think this is worth it. Still spinning Cry Alone Die Alone on the reg:


Well, I had no idea this existed thanks for the share !
Loved it


what’s that sample in 10 at the start? is there some link to jamie xx haha?




Anyone else listened yet? Nowhere near as exciting as Cry Alone, Die Alone for me, but I can still vibe with it. The last track is really good. I’m kind of disappointed that unless my ears are broken, I couldn’t hear any Mask Off in the track title referencing it.


@repentxnce, I’m way more into BRICKS than CRY ALONE. loving the ethereal vapor of Sade’s screwed voice so. much.


I prefer CRY ALONE - I think the blends are as a group far more interesting and coherent. I also feel that they opened up a special sonic world, whereas BRICKS is less focused and “wanders” around. That being said I really like the atmosphere of BRICKS and applaud the effort to bring new perspectives on the chopped and screwed style.


@b60231 yeah, I would agree with you that CRY ALONE is more cohesive overall and the big tunes hit harder on an emotional level. honestly, the lead-off edit with Lil Uzi Vert bothers me so much it kind of ruins the whole mixtape for me :frowning:


finally got around to listening to this and holy fuck this is good as hell

generally speaking ive found it pretty hard to get into rap music regardless of subgenre but im digging the hell out of this

and ofc by the time i get around to this, theres a second release lmao. give us another week :stuck_out_tongue:

edit; ok on reflection i guess its not exactly rap its more a melange of stuff with a focus on rap adjacent gubbins, either way…

turns out bricks in a drought dont have the full mix available to stream like cry alone so im unable to really say much about it oops. sade vs trippy is an interesting tune though, but its not grabbing the way the tracks on cry alone did



these two tracks sound amazing




Yeah saw that lift too


honestly can’t believe Rabit would sample SAW II and not even bother to quantize the clip. so crappy and amateur sounding compared to the Lana track that comes next. it’s so irritating I can barely listen to it.

in fact, it blows my mind that anyone would have the audacity to either sample or cover RDJ and then squander the opportunity to go absolutely apeshit on the track. especially established and talented folks like Rabit and AG Cook…