Production & Promo


I put this up on bandcamp Friday. 1st day of home isolation, I’ve got loads to come over the next few weeks but this seemed to fit nice, ambient, minimal, synth. Let me know what you think.


I’ve had this dub techno track unfinished on my hard-drive for a while. Finally got to master it. Yay!

#535 New remix and promo


A clip i shoted, edited, and i created the music as well, 140bpm and mostly fixed shots

Take care of y’all


a bit like if nathan fake made cheesy upbeat electro…




Love the chopped dusty samples


The french collective Egregore made a compilation to raise money for an association (DAL31) to help homeless people in the city of Toulouse (south of France).

Artists from the local scene of Toulouse and all over France made tracks going from dub to IDM, bass music and breaks.

A good occasion to help people that are in the need in these troubled times and to hear good music from a scene you may not know!


Improvisation on my modular synth, free download if you like it!


first tracks under my new alias





2016 - 2019


literally im just trying to survive to spite the feds; normally this time of year is when i pack up to live off the road, building stages and festivals and not stuck at home with no gigs; no work; no stimulus; no unemployment …

anyway here’s most everything i’ve recorded up til this year



Capitol K — Birdtrapper

My new album is out


something new inspired by DJ Shadow and the like


Recorded during the Fall of 2019 with sounds from the Alpha Juno 1 and TB-03. Drums sequenced through a Machinedrum SPS-1. Inspired by the post rave/early morning glow.


Hi community.
Enjoy our catalogue.

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My new one, dubbed out chill abstract type vibes




IDM/breakbeat styled remix that I did for an australian artist called folmR


new experimental club track