"Post-Club/Deconstructed-Club" thread


look there aren’t good names for this stuff afaik, but you know the sort. the janus club crowd (m.e.s.h., lotic, KABLAM), holly herndon, arca, iglooghost. the modern style of unsettling off-kilter frequently queer-themed experimental stuff with a backbone (or an exoskeleton) of dance-y electronic. everyone post ur favs, currently ive been enjoying Hesaitix


Ironically the first time I ever went to a club was for Arca. Fuckin put me in a trance, all those crazy videos of dying animals and fat people bouncing in pools and people just dancing along like nothing was happening. Completely mental.


Fantastic EP, seen him dj-set last friday, really nice guy too. Sweat Taste is a label to keep
an eye on for more progressive stuff imo


Also you’ve probably listened to this one but it blew my mind. Specially the change around 2:25.
Any other artists i should check? Rn im keeping an eye on NUXXE too.


another label, to keep a eye on, love this ep


To be honest I often can’t tell where the line between “club” and “club deconstruction” is though to be fair I’'m not a club goer, but I’ve been liking the new Sim Hutchins

The new Elysia Crampton is ace too.


this record is amazing, all of Sim’s stuff is really, we have a guest mix on our radio show coming soon


honestly, if I never heard a shotgun cock or glass shatter in a track ever again for the rest of my life, I’d be completely fine with it. this style done played itself.


I was wondering if you would consider Ninja Tune’s Ash Koosha as part of this scene ? It is way more melodic than m.e.s.h or lotic, but so is iglooghost.


don’t think that in this space there will be ever produced better tune than Kamixlo - Bloodless Y, so I double that


Mad into otro. Where did u see him dj?


I would say so. Koosha is sick


Amnesia Scanner

Saw them in manchester last summer with gnod and hesska. Was actually incredible. Only thing to compare was seeing evian christ at the sheffield warp party. Strobes strobs strobes


Club Meteoro in Barcelona but he does more stuff in Valencia where there is Diego Navarro too that you may like


Yes Amnesia Scanner are absolute geniuses + I was crazy with this video when it went out


It’s got to the point where it’s got its own cliches (like @criminiminal mentioned), but I don’t think it’s a lost cause by any means. I even would imagine that now that the novelty has worn off, we will be getting great stuff that besides cool sound design has great songwriting. I feel like this is the biggest reason Arca’s such a big thing - he’s got such a good ear for songwriting as well.

But yeah Amnesia Scanner for sure have been killing it (they’re also great “songwriters” I think), Bulma has done some pretty great stuff recently, Swan Meat’s DJ mixes are often great though her music tends to be a bit hit/miss for me.

And of course there are a lot of the “classics”, things like Lotic’s Heterocetera, early M.E.S.H. (though Hexaitis is nice), the WWWINGS stuff.

All in all excited to see what this thread brings, maybe to get myself up-to-date on what’s happening at the moment.


@idlestate @NATSOAS Otro that kid for sure. Sweat family on the way up. :wink:

Astrosuka and T R R U E N O been a main focus for me lately.


not really sure if those cliches that criminlminimal really apply here.

i’m interested in this thread too, i wondered when the sound would comeback from the 2010-12 era from the night slugs era. MOst of those guys ended up making other styles, but i thought they really nailed it best.

Would you throw ballroom house into this type thread? its such a weird niche that doesnt have great guidelines but you know it when you hear it


I consider Angels Rig Hook by Amnesia Scanner to be one of the greatest works of the genre.

Along the artists already mentioned in this thread I’d add Chino Amobi, Elysia Crampton, Toxe, Lanark Artefax and Ziúr.


Astrosuka and T R R U E N O are so so amazing. They’ve come so far from when Sergey was on my label back in the day: