"Post-Club/Deconstructed-Club" thread


Woah that was wild. Massive change in sound, but u can hear the seeds there I think


Oh yeah, absolutely. There’s a couple of other releases by Astrosuka and the T R R U E N O folx on the ol’ label, it’s really interesting to see their evolution. They basically went from Aural Sects to straight up just setting up on their own immediately after I closed the damn thing lol


Holy shit. What a change up! Crazy.


Would you consider LOFT part of this scene? They released a cracking EP on Wisdom Teeth at the end of 2017, which includes ‘funemployed’, probably my favourite club track of the last half year.

I definitely see some parallels here, from the queer sensibilities (interesting to further explore!) to the fact that Björk, whose latest album was produced by Arca, played this one as well. Thoughts?


^ Love LOFT but not quite this scene imo although close-ish

This is probably my favourite sound of the moment, loving the experimental and boundless nature of it. Aïsha Devi’s Danse Noire label is a good place to start as most artists on there are pushing some wild stuff. It seems PAN has climbed aboard recently too. The Bjork Remix EP after her recent album with Lanark Artefax & Kelly Lee Owens is worth checking out.


this is spreading, theres a scene in poland if you dont know


Is it against the rules to post my own stuff here? :man_shrugging:

My last I released with Sweat Taste from Spain.


speaking of Poland

Gran of Intruder Alert is amazing


reading the topic title, can’t think of a accurater than lotic


its not if its that good hah


also check out Morten_HD


Honestly to me the whole sound is played out. No ones doing anything interesting and it’s just become super boring. Everyone just uses the same rhythms and tries to one up each other with the weirdest found sounds they can find on freesound.org. It’s kinda become just a huge circle-jerk. Also there’s a weird undercurrent of cultural appropriation to the whole scene. TBH after Sd Laika, Arca, TCF, Lotic, Night Slugs and MESH no ones done anything interesting or new, everyone else is just copying those ppl.


Well that silenced the whole thread hahaha. You’re not wrong though.


just want to thank everyone for their good recommendations


From my understanding, this deconstructed club type thing has already got some kind of identity which allows people to recognize the sound. I believe the idea of it is to have no rules on the dancefloor and that doesn’t always work out the right way. I think Kode9 talked about the negative side of this genre in one of his latest interviews. However, what fascinates me the most about this whole thing is the idea of blending multiple genres where you end up hearing some baltimore club, baile funk, grime and etc. Basically, a total globalization, but then again, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.


What do you refer to when talking about a “weird undercurrent of cultural appropriation” in the scene? No doubt cultural appropriation is a problem in general, but how do you feel it manifests in this sort of music?


I guess it’s when you have a bunch of producer dudes taking bits from different genres from all over the world into their own music. It’s a very common thing to do these days, especially in this genre. A lot of times it can be done very cheaply but there are definetely some good examples when it works. I believe it comes from a struggle in finding your own identity.


ok so this is more deconstruted trap side of things (think ‘trap studies’ by die reihe but much more) but still bangs like hell


I’m enjoying this one at the moment: https://soundcloud.com/sophialoizou/sets/singulacra-album-preview.


This thread has been an interesting read. I used to be super into this stuff but nothing new has really caught my ear in recent times. The new Lotic album coming seems to be moving away from the “deconstructed” sound and in a new direction. https://loticmusic.bandcamp.com/album/power

That Visionist album Safe really caught my attention a few years ago if we’re counting that stuff, but the new one, not so much.

Arca is still the reigning champion for me. I think arguably one of the most important producers of the decade given his evolution across his albums (and pulling each evolution off imo) as well as working with Björk, FKA Twigs, Kelela and other I’m sure.