(Not) Strictly Roots...


Came across a great album that I believe will have me on a Roots kick for the next month or so. Fits so well with the hot parts of summer, cold beers, and lazy spliffs after work in my hammock.

Gonna post some of my favorites, anything Roots / Reggae is fair game here

same riddim


“why worry when i can pray?”

dub version is good medicine for 2018 'murica


from the comments “This genre is called Rub-a-Dub. That’s what dancehall music originated from. Rub-a-Dub is music that is based on singing on only one note, that’s why he sounds like he’s rapping. To understand what Rub-a-Dub is more, listen to some artists like, Early B or Ranking Joe.”


also from comments “It’s a Jamaican version of rapping known as “toasting”, though some say American rapping came from Jamaican toasting and not the other way around.”


this one melts me everytime



Nice selections @nickecks please allow me to slightly ruin the vibe with some (boss jock) dj Jerry Lewis on Lee Perry productions.
I love this dudes style and these tunes are bonkers.

This one’s wild. I love it.


This is a bit more like it. My fav dub track of all time
Joe Gibbs’ Dub Three

There’s a not too bad quality version of the full album on YT but here’s a nice track from King Tubby’s Shalom Dub. One of my favourite records.


yeah man. loving these, hypnotic and weird just up my alley


i heard this being played today by the band underneath my studio! had to mad dash to find it again… original is rockfort riddim (studio 1 I believe) – king tubby and lee perry also did a version


here’s a lil mainly roots mix I did last year, lot of these tunes fill me with deep deep joy

i got a little bit emotional today just thinking about roots and dub and all – just the enormity of material, the innovation, the speakers… I think it was an unmatched movement in modern culture


yeah roots and dub was a very very special place and time. the power of the music is a testament of the ability of vibration to awaken, transform and transport. timeless in its message and universal in its reach. not to say it won’t happen again with another form in another special way, but roots teach the youth like none other. its rooted in culture. something we as 2018 metamoderns craaaaaave. plant the seeds and see what grows…



this channel is :fire:



something else that was very special about that era was the complete different perception of what originality and creativity meant

less bullshit over copyright, original recordings etc.

once a riddim got big it just became part of common memory, common cultural wealth and could be re-dubbed, re-thought, covered… i believe this is much closer to the artistic nature of humankind.

as Newton said, ‘if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants’. imho this should apply whether you’re discovering gravity or making the next Stalag or Got to Give it Up! :


agreed. without getting ivory ina tower, capitalismo murder mirrors of beautiful riffs that jam sessions create.

the source material is a common space, a studio, a campfire, a town square, a lazy day when the work was done and fun could be had riffing on the jams of the times that those most musical mastered to convey to the apprentice youth so that they could strive to create themselves. copyright kills this. we mine culture for replication, society of dem spectical etc etc. modern mans cage.

maybe roots was one of the real ones, one of the last ones for a good generation or so, but only a matter of time until the pendulum swings back. ok ok too much serious here’s some eek a mouse.


wow, Billy Boyo! amazing


thanks for this…similar melting for me when listening to this one :