Not seen a thread like this. Share your designs/covers/artwork and whatever creative shit you've got going on


I’ll start




All my stuff is just variations on a theme. Here are some


I got a bunch of graphic design work to showcase.

12" design mockup I made up for a conjectural Tempa release.

“club poster mockup” :stuck_out_tongue: using Adobe software terms as names.

(both these images were created big, open the pictures in new tabs to show how big I made them lol)



used to love the Looking For a Perfect Beat shows, a couple of my old tunes got aired!


someone remembers!


I paint speaker boxes :nerd_face:


This is a bunch of designs for a bunch of my releases over the years. You can listen here if you feel like it :slight_smile:


hand drawn?


Yep, with good old Sharpie, then scanned and vectored


Hi there. I’ve been working on some music for a while but I’m so fucking slow I can’t release anything more than an EP a year. So I’ve been learning 3D and graphic design during lockdown and just started putting shit out. I’m really exploring still but I feel some vibes could interest some of you.

You can find more on my instagram, I make something new everyday.



just stoned on the computer listening to bleeps


slowly exploring digital collage art despite being a garbage visual art person. this is the first sample pack cover i’ve done I actually feel good about :slight_smile:


That looks ace! Nice one


Much appreciated . Thank you. Every bit of confident helps :slight_smile:


Hand-painted these j-cards for my man’s release… made the wooden letter stencils w/ a Dremel lol, & dubbed each one too, run of 100


Got into making 3d stuff over lockdown and have been making little audio-visual things:


A few newer ones from me in the usual style.


wow! i love the first one :slight_smile:

not to be in your business but i think this would do well as a NFT lol