Not seen a thread like this. Share your designs/covers/artwork and whatever creative shit you've got going on



I’d love to sell some work but don’t have much of a following so the pessimist in me thinks I’d just spend money on minting works that no one would ever see let alone buy.


Just gave you a follow on the Gram! Those look ace mate!


Thanks. Going to check out the music you put up there


Cheers dude, that’s rad!


From the first release of our new collective/label. :wink:

Artist: ETM (@etmosfera)
Title: Berlín
Label: WADD (@waddbarcelona)


One of mines that i like pretty much


Update, my new one. Made for my friends WESOBAD debut single Sixth Sense


really like that big ups!!



Made this thing for a design class. It’s supposed to be a branding project for my vinyl mix series that uses TouchDesigner as the main visual component. It includes animated posters and logo variations through manipulation of my video footage.


Going for a photographic vibe. My mate designs it all so far


I’ve been doing a lot of quick covers like this for practice



did a lil music video with a hi8 camcorder for my homies release


The type on that is excellent!



made these as art for my own tracks


there’s some really nice work here! good work everyone:) you can get a good idea for the kind of sounds they could/would represent from the image/aesthetic alone.

i dabble in artwork myself (for my own releases). which can be seen here;

i’ve got a couple of other nice cover art pieces that are waiting for the right release. it’s quite fun when it comes together and matches the release the way you hoped it would.


Made this music video.

The music video combines global videos and images of trees (both real and digitally sourced) alongside generative graphics created using Processing 3 and TouchDesigner. These visuals are also stitched together with 35mm photography, motion graphics effects, and artificial light leaks, blurring together the experiences of objective reality with our uniquely curated digital journey.

Made a zine about this too.


Last year I started a new music project leaning into the experimental and I then decided to grow it into a visual project too. So far I have been filming and making short clips for instagram and adding my sounds and music to it, but I plan to expand into longer films over time.