music hopes for the year


what do u hope for

i hope for

a new andy stott album
new laurel halo material
beatrice dillon LP
FKA twigs
more varg
more collaborations in film with mica levi


New Arca album/mixtape/???

Second FKA Twigs album

Panda Bear record


Nice one

Would really like new work by

Sd Laika
James Ferraro
Full length album by Clark

And can never have enough from production monster Foodman


bring me all the algoraves


I really hope for some more Andy Stott myself!

Varg has promised he has a flood of releases coming in 2019.

Looking forward to more archival recordings from Prince as well. Excited to hear what they have been able to salvage from the vault. I have a ton of bootlegs, but always great with official releases.

The last in the trilogy of re-releases from Pablo’s Eye will be out very soon. Look forward to that one!

New Burial album would be amazing :smiley:

New material from Regis is always welcome. The Manbait compilation still gets at least a weekly rotation from me.

New Kanye might be just around the corner and is always interesting. More Pusha T would be great as well.

Joy O would be great to see in album format as well. The last EP was great!

Underworld is releasing a lot at the moment, and hope they keep it up all year!

Hope to see a lot more releases coming in from Kulør Records. The 001 compilation was amazing.

I could go on forever… May 2019 be just as good as last year, or better! ;D


sd laika released that little nugget on soundcloud a couple months back, was incredible


Aaah great, thanks! Missed this one.


Gonna be honest, I should have also mentioned that I’m hyped to hear Lafwandah’s debut.


new tool to not be total shit
more actress
more from pendants label
fucking new liturgy

and more jazz, forever


next actress better be slightly more experimental like his previous albums :slightly_smiling_face:


Koreless where are you are you ok


New Sensate Focus LP.


@deprecate seeing Mark Fell perform in March so I’ll be sure to let him know the lads on 555 inquired :wink:


Where’s he playing? Would be good to catch him.


@deprecate gonna catch him at this thing. pretty stoked, actually. saw him perform once before at an art space in Portland and it was legitimately life-altering.


dat dreamy r&b song.