Algorithmic Art Assembly // Gray Area Theater // San Francisco 22/3/19


“Algorithmic Art Assembly is a brand new two day conference and music
festival, showcasing a diverse range of artists who are using
algorithmic tools and processes in their works. From live coding
visuals and music at algoraves, to virtual reality, gaming, augmented
tooling, generative music composition, or knot tying, this event
celebrates artists abusing algorithms for the aesthetics.”

featuring music by:
Mark Fell, W00dy, Renick Bell, Kindohm, Algobabez, Kit Clayton, TVO,
Shatter Pattern, William Fields, Spednar, Sebastian Camens, Digital
Selves, Spatial, Vou, Wobbly, Charlie Roberts

The daytime speaker lineup is Windy Chien, Jon Leidecker, Elizabeth
Wilson, Adam Roberts (Google Magenta), Monica Dinculescu (Google Magenta),
Olivia Jack, Marc Weidenbaum, Jules Litman-Cleper, M Eiffler, Adam Florin,
Yotam Mann & Sarah Rothberg, and a Mark Fell Q&A

There will also be two workshops, one on friday ‘Beginner’s Live
Coding Workshop For Women and Non-Binary People’ run by Algobabez, and
on saturday, Mike Hodnick(Kindohm) will be run ‘An Introduction to

music hopes for the year

ugh this seems like it’ll be an otherworldly experience - very sad it’s happening on the opposite side of the country :frowning:


@sideb0ard thanks for the tip! just booked tix/airfare. any suggestions for affordable airbnb/hostel areas/neighborhoods close to venue greatly appreciated.

@kindohm copped the tidal workshop too. really looking forward to meeting/learning from you!


looking forward to it @criminiminal! workshop details aren’t really published yet, but the only prereq is to get Tidal installed ahead of time, if you haven’t already. Glad to help if you need it!


What a line-up! A bit far for me to come all the way from the UK though. I saw a great installation he did here once though. It was in a series of underground tunnels rigged up with flickering lights and sine wave tones shifting around you. Pretty disorienting.