Love techno hate dancing


Yeah, I agree. It’s like you are 30 and you force yourself to like whatever people like at 30? Cmon, just be a bit less brutal in what you do to your body and you will be ok.


Aka deep house…just flow


In terms of less brutality not what everyone at 30 likes however that seems to be a trend with 30somethings I know too lol


It’s sad but I think we do tend to slip into think of ourselves as having expiry dates for certain things. Like I am nearly 40 and feel that I’m too old for skateboarding now but I’m always seeing skaters and thinking ‘fuck I’d love to go skating again’. Need to try and work on ridding myself of this way of thinking. Though if I do I’ll definitely take @Risingson’s advise and be less brutal with my body :slight_smile:


old skaters don’t quit, we just learn to skate transition.

since i turned 30 a few years ago i have devoted myself solely to mini ramps, curbs and manual pads. tried to ollie a 5 stair about 6 months ago and still feel the slam in my hip. sessioning a red curb is still endless fun and makes me feel about 16 everytime i acutally get around to doing it. i feel mad self conscious for about 30 min then find my inner go-fuck-yourself sk8 punk. about 9 months ago i landed a crooked grind and felt like the king of the town for about 3 days.


I’m that age and want to start skateboarding lol. Yoga and jogging start to get boring. Might get into the community center/ymca hip hop dance class scene. (This is a thing. Supposedly you don’t need to know any dance moves and can just do whatever you like. I guess they also teach some moves too.)