Love techno hate dancing


Am I alone in loving techno but having no interest and/or disliking dancing? I haven’t been to a club in years and even though some great artists have played near where I live, I’ve chosen not to go because I figured I’d just be standing there while everyone was dancing and feel uncomfortable.


The older I get the harder it gets to dance at parties. Most of the time, these days, I stand in a corner and old-man-dance – nodding and shaking my head in time, and every once in a while, shake my luscious booty.

Best way to go to clubs and not have to dance, look old.


find a wall/column/speaker to lean on and dance as little as you want. I’m not a big dancer either so this is my default setting if i’m on my own.


I would say you are totally cool no matter how you enjoy the music.

Also, don’t feel pressure to dance at the club. Find a wall and be a flower. It’s all good. Last set I went to was after a 9hr work day and dancing wasn’t the first thing I wanted to. I love watching from afar as much as I love being front and center raving.

Just enjoy it.


you should take some drugs


Been there, abused them and moved on.


Fair enough! Seriously though, no reason to feel uncomfortable, just find your space chill and enjoy the music.


this is me. when i did spend a lot of time clubbing i’d find myself by the wall chatting while enjoying the music. this is what happens when you spend your formative years listening to house and techno on the bus to school/college etc


i enjoy listening to music over a system for def but i agree. large crowds generally give me anxiety and i work in them for the better most of the year, being surrounded by drunk people on my time off isnt really appealing.

saying that i do still like going to corsica, i saw dj taye b2b paypal & dj haram there recently, had taken a tab of acid and it blew my mind. didn’t dance just stood next to the stack in awe.

my bedrooms really small and is essentially a massive bass trap so i got a sub and a pair of genelecs for if i ever feel like recreating the rave experience though


Can’t beat a good bedroom rave! Some of these responses have inspired me to try and venture out to a club next time someone decent is playing in my area.


what are the clubs like where you live?


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with standing in back and enjoying the music from there without dancing… everyone should be free to enjoy the music how they feel comfortable. But man, dancing can feel really good, even if you’re just swaying around or moving your shoulders. I get anxious around crowds easily, and dancing helps me forget about all that and just feel the music. <3


I for one think something is lost if you aren’t engaging in the physical aspect of the ritual. Even just a little shuffle in place gets me out of my head, and eventually out of my body. Helps me understand that in the crowd I am practically invisible and I can stop thinking about every little thing going on around me.

Also helps me tell the great DJs from the good, because only truly great DJs can keep me moving all night without checking the clock incessantly.


id agree with @euth, but in my experience finding the spaces you can even wallflower comfortably can be difficult, let alone jitter and shuffle. club music is for moving, but whats cool is new spaces are beginning to open where performance spaces arent as rigid as booth/stacks/dancefloor. i like this and wanna see more. downside is sometimes its overly scenstery and in-crowdish bc its new or emerging as a model, saw this alot in portland’s drone n ambient worlds. the ambient room will return, i have faith. but drunks still fund shows so juicebars and hammocks aint exactly around the corner in the club either…maybe these new audiophile bars in UK ive read about have something of a balance for non dancers?


There’s a couple of decent ones but mostly crap. I’m reasonably quite close to Manchester though, which seems to have some pretty good club nights. I think the last time I went to a club was Glasgow’s Sub Club about ten years ago.


I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with clubs, doubly so now I’m old and easily exhausted, but I’d second the advice of people above: find a calm spot where the dancefloor isn’t too much of a motorway and enjoying it, sway a little, sip a whisky if that’s your thing, maybe even close your eyes, and soak it up. Experiencing it at good volume, particularly for the bass, is quite important.

Of course, if you really can’t face going out… and it IS a nause sometimes… and don’t have a space at home where you can whack up the hifi, then maybe consider investing in a SubPac, so you can get full bass immersion with headphones? Lying-down rave turnout!


there is absolutley nothing wrong with going to a club and not dancing. if you like techno music, going out and listening to it in different spatial situations may uncover new aspects of tracks that were not evident before, or in usual listening situations. for instance, unplanned room delay/reverb could add interesting new elements or time signatures to existing parts?


Lying-down rave! Now we’re talking.


I’ve increasingly realised that I like dancing but hate techno, to be honest.

Seriously though, nothing wrong about engaging w/ music however it works best for you. I go through phases of enjoying going out, and then I end up in a tiny space with rubbish sound surrounded by absolute dickheads, and wonder why I even bother leaving the house. I do think there is some truth to the idea that you’re missing out by not experiencing music made for soundsystems in a club space of some kind or other, though.

Also, sorry to be everyone’s dad but if you’re going to spend a night standing right next to a speaker stack please please for the love of god wear decent earplugs.


Grumpy old man high-five!