Love techno hate dancing


yeah i feel you ttbh i much prefer going out in manchester than i do in london.

everything in london is so expensive now, venues seem lazy on sound and its harder to find events that don’t have some corperate sponsership.

do miss dancing though, and leaving a club with a shirt drenched in sweat, light offending my eyes
& tbh much prefer festivals, as rachet they can be, because its outside

listening to music is always better when its outside i think.

but i agree with @angel_aura and thats another reason i don’t really go out anymore. is, i find anyway and probably because i dont actaully go out that often anymore, most dancefloors to be claustrophobic, no room to dance, just bump into other people. i miss dancing


I love a dance… when my wife was pregnant though she had no dancing enforced and I generally stayed with her. Although she did leave me to enjoy the front at a Leftfield gig whilst she found a spot to lean at the back. Afterwards she said she loved every second of the gig. I sat with her at a DJ Shadow gig and both loved it. I probably took more notice of the music than if I was dancing. Even without the dancing hearing music on big systems is great. I know clubs are a bit different to gigs but i don’t think dancing is mandatory there either. Not that I ever get to clubs these days.


This was me until I got 40, I moved from my little boring hometown to Berlin, and found out its amazing clubs, parties and crowds.


I just turned 39, maybe that’s a good goal for next year! I like that you can go to clubs during the day in Berlin, quite appreciate getting to my bed early as I get older :slight_smile:


More day raves!! That’s why I find myself at gigs more. They finish at 11pm instead of 6am. I do get to go to the kids raves though now. I’ve seen Nicky Blackmarket, Slipmatt, Rob Tissera and Mixmaster Mike djing to a room of parents and small children over the last few years.


There’s definitely a problem with London clubs cramming in as many people as possible with no regard for anyone who might want to dance to the dance music they’re putting on, really spoils it for me not being able to move my limbs.

I don’t know if it’s done out of greed or because the licensing fees are now so high that you need to get that many people in but it stinks.

Re not dancing; I bloody love the stuff but if you don’t that’s fine. Just do you init.


I cannot dance for the life of me, and for all the (good, well meaning and inclusive) talk about it not mattering whether you look cool dancing or not, I know for a fact how stupid I look. I’d sooner sit at the back or stand at the front.


obviously had to post this one:

Kowton is exactly who i thought of when i saw this thread, haha. I’ve seen multiple interviews where he declares his disinterest in dancing.

Also @asuka tripping at that taye/paypal show must have been SO INTENSE omg


Love Kowton and hadn’t heard this one so thanks for posting. Interesting to hear he’s also disinterested in dancing as I’ve always thought his stuff sounded pretty danceable.


loves generating dancing but not really into doing it himself, was the vibe i got


I look stupid and I sweat like a ____ in a ____ but nothing’s gonna stop me, it’s one of my favourite sensations when you get physically in sync and basically forget yourself.


I dance because it’s a fun way to get exercise, and unless you go to the gym every day or work physical labor you definitely do not get enough exercise.


Not a much of a scene where I live I need to visit some places before I get old and don’t want to dance anymore


Love dancing but I’m cool if you enjoy the music. Some of the berlin clubs has I been to has ample seating area next to the dance floors so people can just chill there. I go between chilling a bit, and dancing a bit.


was hangin with taye last nite and told him about this post


I love both, but I really do enjoy a dark dancefloor so I can dance without thinking, just moving freely.


i once was out dancing when my friend had his wallet stolen. he was down in a slump crying in the middle of the club so i had 2 investigate with the bouncers what happened. they took me in the back room and we watched security footage and there i saw myself on the dancefloor jerking about like a huge dummy. i’ve been self conscious about dancing ever since.


yeah dark and foggy is my shit. was pleasantly reminded of how comforting being lost in an empty room dancing alone surrounded by a proper fog machine can be last time i made it to Nowadays in NYC.


There is always an “old” buzzing about everything that relates to clubbing, as too old to dance, too old to club, too old to discover new things. Why is that?

Do you feel you have an expiry date?

I am 41 and I am so not thinking of stopping going to a club every weekend. And dancing? Dancing is great, is getting the syncopation in your head and expressing how you process it.


Couldn’t agree more that this is something to challenge by dancing into our elder years at clubs. Expiration mentality is the psychological basis for physical degeneration for lots of people imho.