Kode9 & Burial // FABRICLIVE 100 (Fabric)


Final Fabriclive mix. Out Sept 28th.

Teaser clip on the Fabric Twitter


I hope it features Lechuga Zafiro & RP Boo at least.


They probably didn’t announce tracklist on the hope that Burial fanboys will preorder even though there’s no Burial tracks on it.


I dunno how this could ever live up to my expectations. Will be an interesting listen regardless though.


I heard Kode 9 is Burial.


it’s gonna be outerplanetary


I heard Burial is an angel who puts his arm on your shoulder at 5am when you’re all by yourself waiting for the bus and reassures you everything will be okay.


Burial is whatever you need him to be.


didn’t realise this is going to be the final in the fabriclive series


yeah they said when sasha’s fabric 99 came out that fabric 100 and fabriclive 100 will be the last in the series “in their current forms” or smth. i’m guessing its gonna be like berghain / panbar now where it will be digital only but longer length. kinda sad that the mix cd is very slowly dying out, and i’m even one who grew up within the early days of soundcloud :frowning:


I’m afraid this might not be worth the hype… smh


how so? you got a leak?


Nope. Just based on all the failed hype on Burial’s 2017 releases…


na i’m very hopeful - kode9 still probs my fave DJ for ‘WHAT IS THAT’ moments


That release made it sound like it’s just the Fabric getting canned. With fabric live continuing. Hopefully


kode 9 / burial radio mix for bbc



fuck a new release can we please just have a new Burial interview. The one’s he’s given are legend


If you predicted back in August that this mix would be 1/3 trance tunes… well done you


With no dubstep!

It’s a quality mix mind. I really enjoyed it anyway.


This this this.

You know I don’t actually mind the longer mixes, although there’s something sweet about the condensed cd form. What really grinds my gears is single files. I hate them. I’m not a big fan of streaming mixes either. I want the files, I want them split. want want want, third world problems. I realise that!