Kode9 & Burial // FABRICLIVE 100 (Fabric)


It’s the physicality of the form that gives it weight in the minds of listeners, in other words if you put something on wax or burn it to CD with nice packaging it’s made to seem more important. Maybe someday someone’ll start canonizing SoundCloud mixes by putting them in a physical format and the cycle will start all over again. :sweat_smile:


Track listing:

  1. “Track 1”
  2. Klein - “Hurry”
  3. Cooly G - “Magnetic”
  4. Julz Da Deejay - “Deaths Effect”
  5. Roman Rodney - “Triple Beat”
  6. TLC Fam - “Skim Sam” (DBN dance)
  7. Nazar - “Konvoy”
  8. Lephuga Zafiro - “Agua Y Puerta”
  9. Hyph11e - “Black Pepper” (Tzusing remix)
  10. Luke Slater - “I Can Complete You”
  11. Virgin - “B9”
  12. Nut-E-1 - “Underwater Fireworks”
  13. David Hykes - “Rainbow Voice”
  14. Jungle Buddha - “Drug Me”
  15. Black Acid - “Black Acid”
  16. Vladislav Delay - “Otan Osaa”
  17. DJ Spinn - “Make Me Hot”
  18. Mr Fingers - “Spy” (Kode9 remix)
  19. Scratcha DVA - “Pink 33” (feat Clara Le San - DJ Phil remix)
  20. DJ Tre - “A House Hybrid”
  21. Tedmann - “Baby”
  22. DJ Rashad - “Let It Go”
  23. Ontheground - “Fallen”
  24. Intense - “The Quickening”
  25. Genecom - “Polyphonic Raid”
  26. Clementine - “The Opening”
  27. Victim Rebirth - “Metamesonyxtia Narkogyra”
  28. Friends Lovers & Family - “The Lift”
  29. AK1200 - “Junior’s Tune” (feat Junior Reid - Digital remix)
  30. Okzharp & Manthe Ribane - “Treausre Erasure”
  31. Ben Frost - “Ionia” (Jlin remix)
  32. DJ Taye/Babyfather - “Nu Summer Shit/Prolific Deamons”
  33. Jackob’s Optical Stairway - “Solar Feelings” (Claude Young Kyoto Soul dub)
  34. Proc Fiskal - “Dishwashing”
  35. DJ Chap - “Brujeria”
  36. DJ Tre - “A Hammond Jam”
  37. RP Boo - “Wicked’Bu”

Audio here:


OK I always thought footwork wasn’t for me, but DJ Rashad- Let It Go has stopped me dead. More in that vein? Weirdly, for someone who loves the hard edge of techno, the more abrasive end of footwork like JLin- Black Origami gets incredibly grating for me in big doses. Probably fun on a club system though.


just listen to all of Double Cup


Juniors’ Tune is a percy and one of the best things (albeit a remix) Digital did before he went quiet after that super prolific phase 99-04 - I assume that is a Burial choice but who knows :slight_smile: Very surprised but happy to see it on there.


Right after 6-7 listens i have fallen in love with this mix

1st couple of tracks - very traditional Burial aesthetic – maybe a comforting start for the mega fans

Gqom/batida/club section - feels like announcing we’re here

I can complete you – 1st sort of cheesy but lovely twist (sounds like you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals however)

‘Drug me’hardcore will never die section begins - quickly followed by Black Acid. Jesus Christ that tune is something else… The chords of a salt mine cave angel followed by ardness.

The footwork bit after that is the more drummy tunes that sound like they’re from a time far in the future, punctuated by ectasy. Pink 33 (DJ Phil remix) (strange because on the scratcha bandcamp it’s called Pink 22 haha) is just a vibe, a smooth leather interiour in a 80s bmw – whilst Baby followed by Let it Go reminded me grief. Baby’s hauntological cry of ‘I’m here to stay’ is broken by a instruction to move on.

A disjointed collection of different genres follows – maybe this is what its critics find jarring – but I love it just as much.

Then comes Junior’s Tune (Digital Remix) – never has anybody made a Reece bassline sing like that. The MC delivers a eulogy to weed; but that might be the last drug you want (or need) then.

A blistering few tracks follow - highlighted maybe by Proc Fiskal. I didn’t really rate his EP but it’s so playful and warm…

The fast pace carries on until the end, stabbed by vogue HAs, finished with RP Boo – whose set at Unsound was the most fun I’ve had in years.


I’ll give it a listen today though. But if it wasn’t for this post I would have forgotten about the damn-hyped mix…
BTW, saw Kode9 at the RBMF in Berlin and yeah, it had lots of ‘WHAT IS THAT’ moments haha.


@irritatingsteppa hey, you got your wish…unmixed version to be released soon…