Jungle playlist on spotify


You guys might like this.

Been working on this jungle playlist for a while. It’s mostly old school stuff from 93-95, a few later tracks, some borderline tracks, and at least one soul song.


If something old is missing and on spotify, hook me up.

23 skidoo

What frequencies you pumping atm

Monster playlist! I’ll definitely be spinning this one all day today.


Yeah, it kinda went overboard.

Your day will be amazing!


could you put it on itunes? love a bit of old school jungle


Sorry, don’t have itunes, mate.



Cleaned up the playlist a bit, and found a bunch of tracks from IQ Records.


Sort of part 2.

Jamaican tracks that have been sampled in classic ragga jungle tunes.


Oh yeah, the jungle playlist has more than doubled its followers since I posted here, thank you!



Was a couple that I was thinking might not be there but were like nuthafujka by dillinja. Anyway:

The Makery…

Military Jazz

why not


Btw i post YouTube vids it takes advantage of that you can cue the next one, around 30 sec - min from end and it will go together nicely (I like it, some thought put in !


Taste diminishing



It can go back to jungle ofc



Not jungle but cause I did roni size, some how I feel like this has follow Scandinavian I think




Last two just play them at the same time - sounds amazing

Edit: no reason to stray so much like that, someone could fill in it could have gone to some nice place edit: less stray


My country made serious diplomatic mistake (supposed to sniff their bum but not paw at them) ± I’m not I have to keep making D’N’B n jungle recommendations illthought out, but at least somewhat jungle (I won’t do that again, no electo, sorry! Ahhhhggh … I love the Queen I’m sorry! Ow!!)not funny kinda true


It’s good I’m happy it’s not just I have to


Love Canada