who dares post a dub for rating/slating?

Prizes forthcoming



Can’t get embed to work sorry



Arthur Brick - feeling the street photography of grim looking walls straight off, Brick indeed

is it footwork, is it field recordings? immediately sucked in to anything with whistles and sirens - go on then

a minute in and I’m disoriented in a good way

Really enjoy how u subtly work the samples rhythmically - there’s a lot going on, reminds me of Komonazmuk or cinematic techno dubstep how it kinda goes ‘in and out’ of these ambient spaces and back again into rhythmic structure - that skidding sound at the end round 7min is the funky worm this workout needed.



The submerged sounding quality of this bit struck me first n foremost… like I was half buried in dirt spying on some really catastrophic happening and too scared to move

It’s heavy emotively - the ambience is heavy, the pads and industrial groans are cinematic and invoke closed eye visuals - there is a world inside this tune, it’s a lil scary tho, do I go in?

I like your drum pattern and the drum samples fit perfect - but could they poke out a little more? (maybe you don’t want them to :wink: )

I would be curious to hear what you did with a vocalist - first reference point I had for this bit was King Midas Sound


Briandance (Shoobi tune)

You had me at tape hiss.

And I knew when tune broke down with wood blocks in the middle that this was no simple layering exercise.

I hear spring reverb, little tiny details, field recordings of I’m assuming pouring champagne, lots of small shifts with reverb texture and creative drum fills

Deceptively simple, purposeful headnod music. First reference points were Max Graef and Kenny Segal


thanks for thoughts, I guess my music is on the darker side but I don’t really think too much about that. I’ve done a few tracks with vocalists, either my vocals and also a female vocalist but I jump around styles quite a lot. I know what you mean about the darkness of the track - the drums are that little bit buried but that’s a mixing strategy - if the mix isn’t so bright (snares, hats) people turn it up a bit more and then get to hear more detail and ambience. It’s risky but at the end of the day I’m happy with it. Thanks for listening, if you want to hear something with vocals (just!) try this track ‘Your Love’


Thanks for taking a considered listen and sharing your thoughts.

Gonna check out Max Graef and Kenny Segal today.


Some live techno stuff I made with a friend of mine a few years back. We were gonna get around to releasing it properly this year, but COVID sorta screwed with that, hence the drive link haha.



pretty tidy jam altogether! I like the paddy sound throughout its almost like a vibraphone and wind chimes ran through a granulizer - and there's some subtle pitch modulation on it in places that keeps an interest, thats just a beautiful sound whether it's a sample or whateva

The drums fit quite alright, even on the laptop speaker this time they seem to inhabit the ‘space’ of the track, it’d be nice to get some pattern variation, reverb sending, or even a fill or some kind of other sample sound - but I’ll admit by the 5 minute mark the drum machine has a nice swagger to it that swings things along.

had u recorded that track to tape originally?


Not a fully fleshed out track just an idea that I want to finish really, slate it as much as you can if you want it’s the only way it’ll improve : )

And a finished track I think, not 100% about the main lead in the second half of the track, let me know what you’re thinking : )

Slate meeeeee


not fully fleshed out indeed! - kiss my teeth

off 2 da chip shop


rate… or slate


slate me lol


Sedenion your track sounds like it belongs in a serious documentary or the new Metal Gear Solid OST

well pensive, not necessarily my thing but the execution seems intentional

the panning sound springy sound is a little distracting from the procession of the pads/keys, but there are lots of things moving around in the background that warrant future listens


Sayveeyun you were brave enough to sing on your tunes so I can’t slate that!

It’s cool to see nods to Weightless from North American artists too… Imma go in on a listen to all 3 tracks over an IPA an get back to you


NEW FAVORITE THREAD :eyes::popcorn::fist:t3:


:51 secs into Impulse Ode and its a draw for the rewind!

murky stuff

well emotional bass music. Listening to Warble and it keeps going with new layers that draw you in - kinda like Various Production and other like-minded moody RnB vocal Dubstep circa '09onwards that I personally got exposed to from a bunch of bootleg white labels that Boomkat pushed out… with a new twist

I would like to hear some more shit like this but with the vocal really really cued in so that if it was on a big sound, the vocal wouldn’t overtake the soup, vocal processing adds all kinds of volume peaks and artifacts and I’ve struggled with it too, and thats not to slate the mix, and I really can’t crank my volume rn even though we got the 15" PA speaker upinheah for the real test (others working in my crib rn) - there’s basslines in there that make me wanna oooo… really crank it to test level, so the vocal always needs to be balanced.

All in all - wait lets check Bad Magic…


This is incredible stuff, eyes down drifty RnB but kinda like recognizable from Nuum head standpoint

ill shit