Driftmark can I ask you what you are using to make those insectoid echo-y sounds on the track u posted and ones like Whiskey Antennae. it seems like… Man U shoulda posted more tunes

immersive stuff… u can’t really talk about ambient, its like colors, choose your own adventure … I like Erte from the Soundcloud, has me on edge a little


hey, sure! i completely missed replies to this thread, you’re probably hearing some stuff i’m doing with NI Form, really interesting take on a sampler, especially when you push its upper and lower limits imho


ok how about another raaate? (or slate) (if this thread is revivable)



This sounds like fun :slightly_smiling_face:


its about time


bring the thread back. /unroll


1st release


I would slate your lack of snare

but that’s a big tune… lovin’ the plungey lead sound, the people want moar glide! somehow catching echoes of Julio Bashmore and early Nightslugs but much less drummy, not quite devil’s mix, but no snare eh?

pretty hands in the air if u ax me


A ‘rework’ will definitely be done in the future ; )


i would still like my tune above to be rated c:


This forum is quiet as anything damn



would love to hear a take :slight_smile:


just released this ep. don’t worry about roasting the whole thing tho