Idea for a more "instantaneous" chat


Now, I get this very much defeats the ethos and point of this forum and it would be infinitely harder to maintain, but I was just thinking. What if Fives had its own little IRC chat or something for those who want to just enjoy some immediate social interaction between the fine patrons of the forum? Discord would probably be a bit easier to set up because of more people already having an account there but, there’s something about IRC that feels like it would fit a lot better here. Keeping it simple and chill, rather than going all out with something that requires you to install a big hefty client beforehand - instead going with something that could very easily exist as a link on this forum and simply be yet another page on the forum.

As much as I’m enjoying interacting with folks on here and engaging in discussions proper, I can’t help but feel a want for a less formal discussion zone. Just a little place where we can kick it relaxed proper and enjoy some more mundane chat. It’d be nice to have a little comfort zone like that, I think.


You don’t have to install a client to use discord there’s a web app, same with slack


It’s still a pretty hefty client and scuppers the idea that there’s just a handy dandy page on this place with an irc web chat embed or something. There’s also the argument to be made that having an IRC channel instead would be better on the count of not forcing people into making an account for a service they’re otherwise not going to be using.


on the forum part, i can get that bit. doesn’t have to be specifically integrated though; it could just as easily be a regular page on the fives domain that’s been themed to fit in with the rest of the site. on the using irc part it’s piss easy. it asks you for a handle, you give it one, and in the case of how this one would work, it would do the rest and auto log you into the server and channel. even then manually getting into it is easy.

/server irc .example .org
(once connected) /nick myhandle
/join #555-5555

the fact that one can easily join from a webpage without the process of dealing with the frankly badly designed discord is the big plus of using irc here


I feel like slack is more straightforward. Also I think you’re overestimating the ppl who run this forums technical ability to make a irc page the way you are describing


that would require people to make an account for a thing they wouldn’t otherwise use. I’m trying to avoid that hence my inisistence on IRC. equally im pretty sure that there are lots of easy “just throw this embed code into a html page and off you go” type things for web based irc.


I thought the whole point of the internet was it freed us from having to “chat” with each other ?


personally i figured it was specifically trying to get away from social media and its growing insistence on newsworthy posts. irc is from well before that period and i feel having just a comfy zone where we can just chill and not be restricted to the kind of discussion/debate format of the forum would be nice.


This forum isn’t simply HTML pages, as I said it’s a framework. It’s a web app the pages are created by the app, integrating IRC is not as simple as you think it is. Also the mods haven’t even created a dedicated music production sub what makes you think they’d do this. It’d be easier and faster for someone just to make a slack/discord and invite everyone to it.


Fair, fair. I never meant to imply the IRC would be directly integrated into the framework tbh but I guess I didn’t explain well enough. If we must go the chat app route though, Discord is probably a better option since it isn’t focused on enterprise type users and it’s more likely that people here will have it already. I was trying to avoid taking the route that requires signing up for an account in the first place to really emphasise the whole “load it up and chill” aspect since it requires minimal effort on users part. Im not great at explaining things if that’s not obvious enough :stuck_out_tongue:


word, I’d just make it, I feel like the ppl who made this forum have kinda abandoned it, so it’d take to long to wait for them to make it


I’d say less “abandoned” it and more they can’t quite find the time to properly moderate the forum (to which, they probably should have modded more people whoops). I mean, the people who created this place are also full time musicians who are currently doing lots of tours and also making their new album on top of also doing design work under the very name of this forum, so, yeah. I don’t they would abandon this place considering it very much seems like a realized vision of theirs - there’s also the fact they keep spreading word of it on their Twitter page.

Speaking of having no time to moderate things, I’m not sure I’d be able to admin a big Discord server (it doesn’t help I’m not a big user of the service to begin with) so the opening is available for anyone who fancies taking up the task and promoting it in a thread etc.


I can’t either…


Forum is moderated pretty much 24/7



Are you peeps ever gonna make a category for music production???


seems like a great idea to implement a real time chat into the site, i’m all for it


Would love a discord server


Yeah I’m considering starting up the unofficial one tbh. Just a case of getting enough people about and also having trustworthy people who can act as mods for it.


Maybe a Telegram group would work? Personally I prefer it to Discord for pure chat and linking stuff. It’s a super simple platform.


Important thing about the forum while it builds is focusing the energy and not dissipating across too broad a network of sub-platforms. 100% listening to every single idea and request for potential additions as it develops - excited for the future. Keep spreading the word about what we’re building here - tell your friends. Perfect - thanks a lot, ForumAdmin