Idea for a more "instantaneous" chat


Yeah that makes sense. Honestly the effort involved in setting up a chat group would be quite a big undertaking.


I’d be sooooo down for a Telegram or Discord server, unofficial or no


I’m gonna lay this down for anyone seeing it in the future real quick:

It’s been said that creating a Discord or Telegram chat at this stage of the forums growth (i.e. right as it’s starting to pick up more users and get more active etc) would…probably not be a great thing. Splintering off from the community right as it’s picking up steam is not the best of ideas and I agree with that; hence why I’ve made no further moves on it. Now obviously I can’t stop people from doing it, but I would greatly appreciate if everyone else who was down with this idea would equally be cool with this move and not make an unofficial group or anything like that. :+1:

However, later on when the community overall is a bit more stable and the influx of new users comes to a bit more of a slower pace, then a Discord/Telegram group is very much within reach and wouldn’t be too much of a big thing to do. Probably. TL;DR We ain’t doing a group chat just yet; gonna play it by ear for the time being.


I like the deliberate nature of the forum, but would appreciate more traffic, it’s tough to get that spark.

I think the best thing that we just share what thoughts we have when we have the time and inclination and hopefully the network effect will kick in and more people will engage.


Started using Chrome on a mac book and can’t get anything from Bandcamp to play, nor any radio that uses flash. I’ve re-downloaded and updated flash a couple of times, and have it checked to play in the settings…


I wouldnt mind if there was a discord if it was official!


ill join the discord if there becomes one but i would also prefer IRC if possible

i will say though that may be a slippery slope. could vent too much emphasis of traffic among discord instead


We could start chat threads in “Everything Else” – whatever we’re interested in talking about. Funny stories, food, dogs… Having stuff like that in different subject lines would bring some attention. Everyday stuff that you talk about when you’re meeting new people.


i like the idea of keeping it within the forum platform, i’ve got enough notifications and apps to follow along with, and it may spill over into other threads…


I’d start one, but until I get used to it, I tend to cringe at seeing my old posts. (Like this one probably;)


Just to inform everyone; AFAIK we still aren’t going to be doing a group chat anywhere. I like the idea of utilising the Everything Else subforum more though, for sure. As @dzyg said, the potential of diverting traffic away from the forum is the primary concern and threat if a chat is created, and this forum (despite not feeling like it) is still very much in its early days. Let’s just keep it real over here, yeah?