Gotta Track? Share Your Secret Weapons!


Awesome man! Love it when I’m recommended songs I actually haven’t heard before. Now you got me in a business funk electro mindset.

To wit…


Sure you know this one, but it’s too good not to make sure;)


Wow, FIT for the win with this reissue…both sides are fire but this one I could see myself rinsing harrrrrrrd:


Great idea for a thread.

I doubt it’s unsung but Madlib’s broken beat stuff as “Dj Rels” is comparatively unknown and works well in all kinds of sets:


when i comes to electro … holy moly:


honestly i would rather play the original and mix in those last poets sample on the fly.


for the advanced heads


YESSSSSS. Thank you…100% forgot about the DJ Rels project and used to LOVE that record. But if I ever find myself pulling for just one Madlib track, well, for me, there’s only one (tho that Rels record has HEAT on it):

I mean, I also share the sentiments of this song on a very deep level, but that beat! Will never forget when it came out and it was like the only thing Dublab played for a month.


Yeah. Heavy into that wigged out beat. My fave track off that record.
Dublab introduced me to so much of my fave stuff in the late 00s. Forever greatful to them.


Yeah, I got into them in high school (01-03) and I’m from the sticks so that station was a fucking life line to something better.


Just heard this on Ploy’s mix for Ilian and I’m one smitten kitten…


Damn, J. Albert continues to blow my expectations out of the water:

and gotta break my own rule and include the B1 which is just as good imho:


Summer heaters


FEELING that second jam, thank you!!!



Yessssssss! That actually is a secret weapon of mine, despite it being on Warp and a well-known producer…whenever I tell people about how badass this record is, they always respond, “Move D was on Warp?” Used the title track in a mix recently in a way I was quite happy with and I enjoy mixing the B1 into Doctor Rockit’s “Hi Speed Rocket.”

But assuming most people know that track, here’s one I scored recently (though haven’t mixed it with my copy of Cymbellin) yet that is on a similar tip:


this track was also instrumental in my high school life experiences and awakenings


wooooww amazing track AND video


The whole album is absolutely sublime! Criminally underrated and overlooked unfortunately :frowning:


Been meaning to snag a $10 copy from Discogs but the fact I haven’t yet speaks to my current finances…poverty, womp womp. Have his early Tectonic singles tho and his remix of some Clone house jam. And don’t get me started on A Made Up Sound…got his Asusu remixes recently, hachi machi. Tho this will probably always be my favorite Dave Huismans jam:

And breaking my own rule (again) cuz fuck it, sharing tracks is the best. @nickecks, I think you might dig this one (mixes great w that Third Electric track and basically any other banging electro jawn)…this one is actually kind of a secret weapon of mine lol.