Down south bangers


Probably my favorite style of rap that still bangs today and is so concurrent it is ridiculous. Feel free to post any sub category or decade of this awesome genre. Here’s a couple of my personal favorites to get things started


What i love about this music is the raw undeniably DIY ethic and the incredibly musical side of a sound that comes out of a deep struggle. It is also the sheer finesse and smooth style that is often accompanied by unfiltered and aggressive lyrics that could only come out of a certain lifestyle. Its so withdrawn from my personal experience but its such hype and accessible music



Love that Shawty Pimp track!


probably my favorite memphis mixtape ive come across recently

the remix on the mixtape is better but this track is hard af too



Houston '95


Can’t forget about Master P, who has roots not only in New Orleans but my hometown of Richmond, Calfiornia. The Bay definitely fucks with this sound. No Limit held it down for a LONG time and lots of good bangers on their label…


Scarface rappin’ about bein bipolar back in '91


wow @ all those beautiful mixtapes. god bless the internet.


last one is soooooo fuckin good. towlie sample downpitched plus that first verse :fire::fire::fire:



classic shit


so many things to love about this sound…can be for cruising, smokin, and unwinding to after all the bullshit of life has done what its done. it’s hypnotic and dark and haunting. also can be super hype party music and pimp/hustler game, street codes and violence, addiction and hate. brings you into a world and surrounds you with stories of it, real experience, backed by classic funk tracks and 808 Casio and Roland sounds. Also the density of the lyricism and differing cadences that come from Southern Cajun and Gangster Slang styles…shit hits on so many levels.


this site is fun to check for links that are still active, dude shut it down a while ago but mixtapes are still up



LA Club Resource forever lol put me onto so much good shit


fuck yeah.

here’s a 94 DJ Paul (founding member of 3-6 Mafia) mixtape he remastered an put out a few years ago.

I find it pretty dope DJ Paul did the beat for the Drake Jay Z track Talk Up off Scorpion


Gangsta Pat is so dope, you can hear the style Bone Thugs shares with him in this track. Midwest was its own ecoystem of rap in the 90s, tapes were traded and sounds flowed slowly.


Spaceghostpurp got lots of younger heads back into this 90s memphis sound…xavier wulf too


big resurgence of this music 2011-2013, this is about when it went from being throwback nostalgic into what trap became 2014-2016…so fun to chart the evolution