Down south bangers


ahahha threatz was my jam. raider klan were so fucking good, dunno how spaceghost fucked it !!!

doomshop guys are so fuckin good - outta Texas


damn this mix is fire so far thanks!


cant have a thread of southern bangers without 'Kast


special thx to @nickecks for all the great recos so far. digging into southern rap has been kind of daunting prospect for me, so I’ve appreciated the variety and depth on display here…


no problem :smirk: …2000s era


same era





goddamn such a fuckin good collaboration


bumping this in the hopes some other folks post some of their favorite southern rap to it

J.I.D. is someone new coming out of East Atlanta on Dreamville, like his sound alot…he’s got some growth to do re: stage presence and songwriting but so far i’m impressed.


I’ve probably watched this at least once every year since it was uploaded 12 years ago.


not technically rap but

and is this one too obvious? still one of the greatest beats of 2000s rap


heard this one a while back in a jon k mix. banger

another few of my favourites