Comics: what's in your pull list?


Don’t pretend you’re not all nerds.

I tend to go for short run and indie series when it comes to buying singles, and trade-waiting for big ongoing titles. My current singles pull list:

The Beef (Richard Starkings/Tyler Shainline/Shaky Kane - Image)
Days Of Hate (Ales Kot/Danijel Zezelj - Image)
Eternity Girl (Magdalene Visaggio/Sonny Liew - DC Young Animal)
Ice Cream Man (W. Maxwell Prince/Martín Morazzo - Image)
Snotgirl (Bryan Lee O’Malley/Leslie Hung - Image)
The Wild Storm (Warren Ellis/Jon Davis-Hunt - DC)

And my ongoing trades:

Giant Days (John Allison/Max Sarin - Boom!)
Injection (Warren Ellis/Declan Shalvey/Jordie Bellaire - Image)
Saga (Brian K Vaughn/Fiona Staples - Image)
Trees (Warren Ellis/Jason Howard - Image)
The Wicked + The Divine (Kieron Gillen/Jamie McKelvie - Image)

So, a lot of Image comics, currently no Marvel and a couple of DC titles (which is odd for me as I’ve never been a DC fanboy), and yes, I do like Warren Ellis, why do you ask?


i try and keep up to date and the crazy stuff going on over at marvel and dc like darkseid becoming a baby gun or whatever. i’ve been enjoying the young animal stuff tho, doom patrol especially. and i love the new wildstorm stuff. def a whole other thing than the early wildcats, but seems like a good continuation of casey’s stuff. indie stuff (and image) i usually get trades of after a year or two but i follow the wicked + the divine, it’s so good! even eclair fifi made a came in an issue a while back lol.

are shainline and shaky kane continuing darwyn cooke’s starkings adaptations btw? that rules


i only really read hentai off the dark web


please, no jokes in this thread. comic books are very serious


that wasnt a joke i can recommend some i just dont wanna get banned


Are you joking, mate?


lol yes, sorry it was a bad joke


Not really, mine was, though.


i love being online!!!


Sandman by Neil Gaiman


are shainline and shaky kane continuing darwyn cooke’s starkings adaptations btw?

Not that I’m aware!

I’m a recent Shaky convert, there’s an awesome collection of his Deadline work called The Good News Bible that was published last year by Breakdown Press.


i messed up! the darwyn cooke adaptations was the richard stark novels, starkings is the elephantmen guy. anyway those Parker books by Cooke come highly recommended, especially if you like 50’s noir. i’ve just read the bulletproof coffib by kane, but i’ve seen the beef and considering how good BC was i’ll definitely check it out soob


I’m enjoying Trees and Injection.


what’s Saga like? Never dived in…


Just finished reading this incredible abstract comic (it’s French)


read it along to this:


Gideons Fall, all the Rick Remenders, and Saga. Fell off recently and have had to pare back my pull list. So many good books that I want to read coming out now.


Like @mortenhd I am also digging the Young Animal stuff, particularly Doom Patrol, Shade the Changing Woman, and Eternity Girl. I also always keep up with The Flash.

Other than that I read Paper Girls. Bitch Planet. Maybe one or two other smaller things.


Saga is a lot. It’s overblown, overwrought and thinks it is far cleverer and grander than it really is. It should be insufferable, but Fiona Staples’ art is utterly glorious. She’s created a gorgeous universe that makes it entirely worth following.


i agree 100%, Vaughn really comes from the Whedon school of dialogue and characterization (he’s imo miles better than Whedon, except maybe parts of buffy tbh), but the art carries the book in such a way that it’s barely noticeable imo. They’re easy and fast reads so you look at the art more than the dialogue etc. I think this was the case with Y as well


I don’t read current mainstream comics too much these days. I do try to check out anything Grant Morrison does. I also read and enjoyed the recent Vision and Mister Miracle reboots.