Comics: what's in your pull list?


also (plug…) i wrote a comic about a Martian civilisation who contracts a mental pandemic where they’re unable to make any decisions due to space exploration… if anybody’s into that sort of thing! :watermelon::watermelon:


I moved to London about six years ago, never had a pull list before that - would just buy trades, felt more natural to someone raised on French tomes and big paperbacks of Disney comics anyway. Now I do and it’s a really nice ritual to come home on the first Wednesday every month with some new records and my funnybooks. There is a problem with this in that I rarely ever buy trades or graphic novels anymore, meaning a lot of the more ambitious/artistic stuff loses out. Also I don’t think I realised before how quickly Big Two books change writers, it’s a lot of work to keep up! Anyway here’s the list:

Peter Parker, Spider Man
Sex Criminals
Days Of Hate
Squirrel Girl
Adventure Time (and Adventure Time Comics)
Captain America
New Superman
Old Man Burton
Black Panther (think I need to cancel this one soon)
plus some Avengers titles I definitley need to get rid of


read the 1st compilation of sex criminals, really strong…

anybody into Michael Deforge? [direct link here, sorry for amazon one below, it’s a nicer embed…]


i used to read comics a lot when i was a kid, marvel stuff like spider man etc. the marvel movie paradigm of the last 10 years totally put me off to that stuff tho…altho i still like seeing or reading the less campy stuff from the 80s and 90s of that

a few months ago i started reading twd comics and i absolutely love it. after i catch up id like to engage in other stuff. i have spawn, gideons fall, and saga on my list. any recs of that pool that would seem compatible im more than welcome to accept. its becoming a normal activity of mine (reading comics)


Yeah, DeForge is high quality. I’ve only read Ant Colony but that’s a great book, funny and disturbing.


i think he’s got a new one coming out


anybody hitting ELCAF in London this month?


I’ve been reading Harrow County lately. Very beautiful artwork and an on point witch/swamp story. Strongly recommend this one !
The final issue (#31) should be out soon, it has been a beautiful experience.

And I’m also an unconditional fan of anything Mike Mignola touches. If you have anything with this kind of Hellboy/BPRD vibe I’m interested !!


I don’t know when, but Vertigo will be publishing new Sandman series by different writers. (!!!)