Coffee fucks me up


Lemon balm tea has a energizing/focusing effect. I mix it with roasted dandelion root in the morning, peppermint later on in the afternoon or evening.

If you can have only a little caffeine, brewed ground raw cacao is a great drink, especially added to a little roasted dandelion root and/or chickory.


yeah friends of mine do a cacao chickory tea that sort of doubles as a smoky chocolately coffee replacement in terms of flavors and lighter on the caff


roasted dandelion root tastes better than chickory and is also a liver detox (which a lot of people might need;)


i practically live and breath coffee and magnesium supplements; l-tyrosine makes a nice addition to a coffee stack


I’ve wondered about magnesium supplements. Figure I get enough in my diet – leafy greens etc. What does l-tyrosine do?


magnesium is important! studies indicate most of us are deficient ;; also taking multivitamins and extra vitamin c is part of my morning reggie.

l-tyrosine is to dopamine as to l-tryptophan//5-htp is to serotonin (anyone who pre- post-loads 5-HTP for MDMA/serotogenic drugs knows what this means in short)

pretty much, taking l-tyrosine in the morning on an empty stomach “agitates” your brain to start up-regulating dopamine; i haven’t had MY coffee yet so i’m being vague :stuck_out_tongue:

this kinda helps smooth out the dopamine-drain from drinking coffee and produces a more rounded, confident, less anxious state when combined with morning coffee and a meal. it is a good motivation enhancer and provides you with a dopamine source to feel adequate in completing tasks, talking and socializing, etc. it’s one of the scarce extra ingredients in some energy drinks (RED BULL) but isn’t in any amount that has noticeable effects. it’s also cheap and i buy it from nootropic/supplement websites.

coluracetam is a kick-ass nootropic to have with coffee too


Coluracetum sounds like it comes from the back end of something :stuck_out_tongue:

Might try the l-tyrosine and l-tryptophan/5-htp thing at some point. I tend to fuck myself up on supplements though. Took a green foods thing full of spirulina/chlorella, and that turned out… interesting.


oh lordy, speaking of back ends;;;

i personally have used 5-HTP sparsely compared to l-tyrosine; both have to be cycled somewhat in order to keep one’s own emotions regulated. some people report 5-HTP supplementation on the regular led them to be more emotive (excess serotonin up-regulation) but in ways that weren’t necessarily positive. emotions rock but not too off-kilter lol

w/ 5-HTP you wanna look at adding Green Tea EGCG to boot; helps mitigate any potential cardiovascular issues a small portion of the population is predisposed to when introducing extra serotonin to the body.

l-tyrosine, tho, seems to be a more frequent supplement and i’ve not had any issues adding it to a somewhat daily stack (gotta watch out and be sure to eat tho otherwise you might find yourself extra nuanced in crankiness and time management lol)


wow, proper nerd-talk here! never looked into these kind of things.


this is an awesome thread! I can drink coffee like it’s my job and never feel quite right unless I’m working out pretty hard. Most of my friends are quite the opposite. They never exercise and smoke a lot of weed…and I have no idea how they manage to be as productive as they are. I just turn into the textbook stereotype of the lazy stoner. really don’t know how they do it.

Magnesium and Vit D supplements are pretty important to my mood too. the magnesium in particular improves my sleep significantly and the vit D keeps the winter blues away in these cold months.


i went cold turkey no caffeine at all starting last Monday and HOO BOY that was not a good idea i had the worst headaches for about 2 days, but then i started feeling really good to the point where i felt like i had more energy and would wake up without my alarm clock. but today im back on my shit lmao i just like coffee


trialling green tea atm, seems to give me the buzz i oh so need yet the L-theanine keeps me from becoming an unstable mess. tastes kinda bad but the more i drink it, the more i like it

me being me though i may need to replace my vice. something that does me no good so i can drink it 2 ease my rebellious side. coffee was great cuz i’d have no sugar in it and avoid getting fat


honey for that green tea…you’re in a zone where you can find that hi grade manuka


crumbled, drinking a large maccas iced latte. gonna ride the waves


mate, if i wanna order some good coffee online, and brew it somewhat nicely, what do you recommend?


Where are you located?

If you’re close to a major city there’s bound to be someone importing the good stuff. If not I can ask some friends who roast for a good resource…


@nickecks wouldn’t you say maybe a Stumptown or an Intelligentcia might be a good entry point for @TonosAzules to experiment with some “high end” roasts? a little mainstream sure, but certainly more interesting than a bag of Lavazza…


Ya most def but depending on where in the world they are there might be a better fresher alternative and the money spent on it could go to support a local roaster on their comeup


I do a reset every now and then. like being back on the sauce ha


i think my body is more sensitive to caffeine than most because i don’t just feel energized drinking it, i feel euphoric, almost amorous and in love. don’t know how I could live without it bc if I quit caffeine I would definitely be turning to harder drugs for that buzz