Coffee fucks me up


I had 2 coffees today and now i feel like shit


coffee is ass at times but the right places have coffee that taste good. frappucinos and all that. Starbucks kinda crappy though. Not really the best stuff, and from what I remember in high school it didn’t help me from not falling asleep and taking naps when I got home. Might as well call it knockout powder smh


most of the times i feel like shit when i don’t have 2 coffees


I can only have a maximum of two cups of coffee a day, otherwise the anxiety will go bananas. Try cutting down some, maybe? It’s known to worsen anxiety, and the little wake up kick you get don’t last long anyway. Hell, maybe even go de-caf, and feel better overall (said the anxiety-ridden little leaf and took a sip of coffee) . :slight_smile:


coffee gets that dopamine going but then a serotonin crash comes lurking around the corner


yeah i’ve found caffeine just hacks at me. i’m gonna go decaf good idea


oh, didn’t know this. have to look into my habits i guess. what about green / black tea or yerba mate? is it similar?


depends on how long you brew that teabag. the caffeine hit is a little less but can still give a knock. also depends on the person, i know a few who down coffee’s like it’s going out of fashion and still —seem— to function properly.

i have a sneaking suspicion as to part of why so many people are unhappy in the west and it’s because we all luv our coffee. it’s around us and in us all of the time. we drink it and forget our bodies when we go about things, wondering why we feel like shit, so we reach 4 another cuppa; feel great temporarily and then bomb hard again. repeat.


But how do you feel about Koffee?


makes me wanna hit another stimulant if u know wat i mean :broccoli:

jks i don’t do that


oh, i leave to two cups in the morning most of the time.

combine this with regular drinking, smoking, too much nightlife, too much work, not enough sports … it’s not just coffee alone i would say.


Used to be a coffee fiend and now can’t have even chocolate without an anxiety attack. Decaf is throwing money away.


tbh i’m wondering what kind of coffee and which amount y’all drinking?

only anxiety attack i can remember was when having trouble to find sleep after spending a night at a party and drinking 3 club mates there.


This is after 15 years of heavy drinking of strong brew (lol sounds like :wine_glass::tumbler_glass:). Also have anxiety in general.


I have grown used to and now need my one cup in the morning, maybe another at lunch but I don’t feel it has the same effect, just makes me sweaty and agitated. If I drink after 18 I’ll have trouble sleeping when I go to bed. I looove good coffee though, so wish I could drink more of it. I have no idea why so many people drink so much crappy machine made coffee though. I don’t need that caffeine that bad.


i drink 4-6 cups a day here in Bogota heavily addicted but its so fucking good. there is definitely a difference in washes, drying, roasting process, brewing and all that fancy shit if you wanna be connoisseur about it…but it can make the difference in your crash. High grade coffee is definitely less harsh on my body and i crash less. eating a huge breakfast is vital.

when i decide to get off the bean i switch to mate to downgrade my caffeine intake, the crash is less harsh and its not as rough on my stomach. i really love mate for its antioxidant and plant nutrients properties as well…

i nerd out on coffee tho, a product of working as a barista for eltist assholes in the Bay Area and Portland for years…but if you live in a place where some of the best coffee in the world is being sourced and roasted, you drink that shit. in Portland we call it liquid sunshine. helps with the depresssion around month 9 of rain and gray skies in May. Ethiopian arabica, particularly from the Yirga Cheffe region is my favorite. Shit is :fire: but ultra high caffeine. My tolerance is usually up more in the US when I’m on that. Notes of blueberries and chocolate, sometimes like blueberry muffins…talk your shit and call me a snob but i know what i like haha.

big thing is eating food with your coffee, understanding that it dehydrates you, and that understanding dosage is the first step in any responsible drug use, especially the most popular and utilized drug in the Modern Post-Industrial World… :coffee:

i usually do a mate assisted detox every 9 months or so, takes about a month to taper down, then a month or two off, then back on…


damn i didn’t think about food consumption. skipped breakfast yesterday morn, went to a cafe to drink somedat liquid sun and got burnt. didn’t eat until dinner time either. it’s 3am now and can’t sleep. brewing a camomile lol

also have had the ethiopian arabica. rocket fuel


warm milk n cookies is what momma always gave me. dairy and carbs.


i never eat breakfast, maybe an apple or so. usually 1,5-2 cups of coffee around 8.30 or 9, then i start drinking tea until the pot is empty. usually lunch around 12 or 12.30.


2 french presses, :coffee: in the morning, :coffee: in the afternoon.
it is also nice to have a glass of water handy