Club Music (Bmore etc.) Appreciation Thread


no prob! I’ve honeslty not really listened to much jersey stuff believe it or not. my passing impression was that it tends to have somewhat slicker production values, which i can imagine makes it easier for/more popular with DJs outside the local scene to work with

on the topic of trans-atlantic dialog - one thing ive been interested in is shared DNA or potential for blends between bmore and UK ‘hardcore continuum’ sounds. Most club trax can easily be bumped up into 140 territory, and vice-versa. Plus the shared foundation in breaks. I tried to get into that a little here:

i really wanna do a mix one of these days of club trax and grime instrumentals, feel like that would go off p hard


2018 west coast club influenced soundz


speaking of grimey dons meeting club queens


lot’s of Club and adjacent heat in my Red Light Radio Amsterdam debut would love to hear you guys’ thoughts <3333

apologies for the occasional weird echo the fx on the mixer were broken :((