Club Music (Bmore etc.) Appreciation Thread


i have the same problem a lot !!


Love this!! Heard xxxchange play it the one time he played Dublin




had 300 people jamming to this at All Together Now… really made my night

bless you Rod we love you


i have a massive fetish for the ridiculously prominent use of midi horn in old bmore


oh fuck yeah. his production for Spank Rock really shows where this sound can go when done well…chi town booty house + baltimore + pharell/diplo/everyone else who was jockin’ that sound in '06

the 8bit/NES influence too…



@roohoneychild haha ah shit just saw u posted that kotton track…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


im building up to it, probably kick things off in october!


reminds me of new orleaans brass bands for the club…can u imagine what that would be like live? the punch of that brass connected to some funktion mids!?!


Goddamn ur taking me back to the Baltimore bass connection parties @ Sonar, mid-late 00s in bmore. the spank rock extended universe was a fixture round there


Blaqstarr is an absolute mad genius. classic functional tracks like shake it to the ground and get my gun, but then also just went way out there with stuff like this


man…did amanda blank ever rap live? what’d i’d give to see that girl flow…


yup absolutely

at the time i wasn’t really into her, but looking back she definitely did have talent.

that crew knew how to put on a show for sure. i remember spank rock MCing over a 4 man conga drumline once haha


wondering if you can remember any particular tracks / producers other than blaqstarr / general things stood out to you during that era?

as someone who’s only ever experienced bmore through the prism of the internet it’s a rare opportunity to hear from someone who’s been there !!!


TT The Artist making a lot of moves at the moment, launching of Club Queen Records

Putting out a lot of collabs… just noticed this interesting pairing!


yea lets see what i can remember.

The whole spank rock universe included like armani xxxchange, devlin & darko, amanda blank, etc. They were always on bills @ this (now closed :frowning:) club called Sonar. That place was one of the bigger venues in the city at the time (if I remember correctly it turned out to be a laundering front for the owners massive pot operation?).

Anyways this was in the last days before “E D M” became a thing, so what was big was all that blog driven electro-house a la Ed Banger, MSTRKRFT, Boys noize etc, which Sonar would book consistently. The spank rock world was a lot more closely aligned to that scene and would feature on those sorts of bills, than the bmore club scene proper.

Blaqstarr and Rye Rye were probably the main ones who were simultaneously well known to both the street level club scene and the internet driven pre-EDM world. On the second count, i think due to Mad Decent’s platforming them.

As far as ‘real’ club music, my exposure came p much entirely via house parties and 92Q (WERQ FM 92.3 - “urban top 40” by day, club music after hours ). Never saw any of the OG’s spin in person.

I think you dont really get the whole package just listening to individual club tracks. You really need to hear it spun by someone who lives and breathes the music. The actual tracks are almost just the building blocks of the real music, so I definitely recommend to go seek out some archived on-air mixes from 92Q - DJ’s like KW Griff, Porkchop & Squirrel Wyde, AngelBaby, James Nasty or if you go back before 2008 try to find K-Swift (RIP).

My all time faves (as DJ’s & producers both) have to be DJ Technics & DJ Boobie. Technics has just about all of their combined discography on his bandcamp. highly recommended. Technics in particular has this kinda emotional/melancholy streak that comes up once in a while in tracks like ‘girlfriend’ or ‘party people’ (has a sick Enya sample). Boobie’s tracks are about as technical as classic bmore club gets. somehow keeps the stripped down vibe while making you stay on your toes thru the track.

For newer stuff, id recommend Mighty Mark (fka Murder Mark), Matic808, James Nasty, Abdu Ali and DJ Juwan.

Hope that tells you something you didnt already know!



Thank you so much! I always value hearing people’s personal testimony of a certain era so valuable. Music feels so much richer the more you can gauge its context(s).

I’m with you on the absolute genius of Technics. Emotive Bmore at it’s highest potential.

Living in Ireland my discovery of Club music has been basically 100% online. I started listening to Jersey Club sounds as a teenager on Soundcloud and worked my way back through it’s roots. I’ve only on rare occasion heard club trax played out, even though a lot of the other DJs I know around would have some familiarity with stuff by Rod Lee, Technics and some others. A party called welcome Welcome some pals of mine ran booked Uniiqu3 actually for Life festival two years ago.

I find that so much of it is sooooooo effective and invigorating out though, both as a DJ and dancer. Jersey stuff was a good 60% of what I played when I started DJing. I’d really love to do a fully club music set some time soon in the club again, or even do a strictly Club Music policy night some time. Will have to get my thinking cap on.


This is a great listen also, by the way. Thank you !!


let me know anyways !