Club Music (Bmore etc.) Appreciation Thread


okay so perhaps a confusing use of language due tot he ambiguous use of the word club but i wanna hear everyones favs on the baltimore-jersey-philly-cunty-bootybreaks etc. spectrum

inspired by UKG appreciation thread lol

all cities all eras

TRASH CVLT clubby tools doing a lot for me on the floor rn

Griff has never put a foot wrong imo

timeless classic

Miss Tony is probs my fav MC of all time

RIP K-Swift

this one needs no justification ! adore the way the horns throwback to the prevalent midi horn in old bmore


the trak that turned me on to club soundz four years ago… still bangs to me wish it got released (yeah i have a soundcloud rip what you looking at)


fucking love this music, from florida booty bass to baltimore club to ghettotech to chitown styles…

Disco D was 'maazing, RIP

one of his more technical mixes. i first came across this stuff around 2001 through the Rockstar games website that had a BootyBar radio station, dope Detroit ghettotech.


baltimore club remixes are the shiiiiiit

more recent chi / detroit inspired club styles

important thing to remember is all of this music is super closely connected with its corresponding dance cultures, ala juke and footwork

all time favorite club banger there

whos got some good example of the jersey club sound? never really pinned that one down…


ikonika is probably my favorite club inspired producer these days…

nguzunguzu is taking club sounds global and its super fresh…


Ana Sia’s mixes show a great diversity of club sounds…shes amazing and dedicated to that sound…also the Dirty Bird Records sound from 2001-2010 or so was super inspired by Club trax, Hyphy, Crunk…that J Phlip record is one of the better examples

these two are great


RE Jersey sound it basically takes the rhythmic model of Baltimore Club, infused it with some trap inspired breakdowns, and samples moreso from contemporary hip hop, rnb, pop and memes/internet culture. It can be something of a vacuous term however as the “Jersey Club” label has moved a lot with the basic Bmore inspired sound as it has been adopted by a much wider range of producers from across the world.


interested to hear also abut your Rockstar connection to the sound, do you know if an of those mixes are still accessible?


A Top 20 Baltimore Club records list or something would be dope, surprisingly very few definitive articles on it


I think all these tunes are def essentials :


I’ve never heard this! Wild, I love it.

Love that Postman remix too @nickecks - you can get that from Technics at his Bandcamp

I did a mix for some friends a few years ago that features a lot of tracks mentioned above - only half an hour if you’re interested


I looked around internet archive and other rockstar sites but nothing…it’s been a while so don’t remember details, but if I had to guess I’d say it was a stream of Disco D’s album A Night at the Booty Bar with maybe some other ghettotech OGs shuffled.

This is a great ghettotech mix, one of Chrissy’s Year of Mixtapes, 52 mixes exploring many styles of dance music. Every mix is an absolute gem and taught me so much about breaks beats and styles…

I want to make a proper thread for the blog and mixes, maybe even propose listening to a mix a week with everyone and posting our feedback together, but for now I’ll leave this one.


i would be so into doing a mix a week with u !!


Scarlet Fever - Peanut Butter (HyDeF Remix)

technosis - change positions

mike v - feelings

bring it back challenge (kush jones bmore edit)


what a fucking journey


does this have anything to do with teh Hollaboard reunion party in philly soon?


no this has to do with club music we like and post to share


ok :slight_smile: sometimes i find it tricky sliding OG bmore club alongside more modern club music because the sound quality/mastering/sonic palette is so raw (i think this a good thing btw) so this longform roller by karizma is a great median point for the 2


Couple more recent-ish bangers - getting a great insight into history of this scene, love its emancipatory ‘get-the-fuck-out-of-my-way’ zeal and unapologetic obliteration of reigning social etiquettes - thanks everyone, great thread x


ahhh what a great tool!


this is my baltimore club desert island track for sure.

the raw, proud, tenacity of her vocals over the funky rolling smoothness of the track always gets me.

also that drum workout at the end…sweat! sweat! sweat!!!