Cassette TAPE releases (Thread)



This sounds so lush and warm. :fire::fire:


We have a new minimal techno release dropping on cassette May 25th.


Great Sounds! thanks for sharing


Not a release but was re-watching this last night, party boi cassette anthems.


Graintable // Herons

Released this cassette on our label last month. Ambient/drone/synth hardware jams from the Pacific Northwest.


For fans of ambient music and the using of one solo instrument!

This album its like to take a walk in the heaven!


beautiful <3 thanks for sharing


Just picked up the new Field Lines Cartographer tape released on Concréte, ‘Groundwaves.’

Sounds good! Ambient/experimental fans rejoice.


Not new, really, but a buddy of mine got a small tape label, Vardøgr, with stuff heavily influenced by noise, free jazz, and drone.


Rhucle (japan) - Ambient


Another label which releases a bunch of tapes, and is run by a genuinely great guy (Carl) is Them There, based in Preston:

The most recent release is Pun Collins’ ‘Lunar Influence,’ some solid tracks on the release (hip hop/drone/bleeps and bloops).


Love the synths on this @cosmo . :ocean:



Very cool, thanks for the share.


sure everyone has heard this, obviously but this tape is wicked


also this is Ben Vince. he recently just had a 12" on Hessle Audio, and I love this cassette, been on rotation for awhile


great label, also check out Galen Tipton’s tape on there! Beautiful cassette and great sounds too


shout out to curved light, a gifted composer who I had the pleasure of seeing live a few weeks ago.