Cassette TAPE releases (Thread)



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kind of live produced ambisonic boom-bap beat jazzy haze 90’ish clap crate hypeless dirt


i got that ctatsu batch, they just released their spring batch too



I got hooked on buying tapes for a while and I’ve had to ease up. I have a tape deck at home but haven’t got a cassette walkman, so I end up mostly using the Bandcamp app to listen. However, this arrived through my letterbox yesterday, and I’m very pleased about it.

And before that, this suitably bleak and utterly compelling release on Spun Out of Control by Sunset Graves.

(I really ought to nab the JQ tape, I already have the first two New Atlantis releases)


This one’s coming out in a couple of weeks on my label. Ahead of the curve stuff (if you ask me…)

Daniel Katinsky // Digital Concrete (Conditional)

vnice indeed

also, your logo looks like a sideways version of the outline’s…


oh dang
brb lawyering up


Very cool tape of ambient/techno/electro somewhere between Convextion/early AI Warp


I know!! I realized it is just with the regular url… HA


We released this one last year. Really fun, noisy, electronic pop from Russia.


Did anyone else get the Demdike Stare x Il Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza tape from Boomkat? Finally got some time to listen to it last night. Takes a while to warm up, but it’s deeply satisfying once it all unfolds.


A dude I work with runs this label … some pretty good stuff for people who like noise industrial techno



Been absolutely loving this release, killer work. Also really enjoy that NA day parties, such a cool event here in London.


Not actually arrived yet but the new Bengal Sound sounds like it’ll be great. Grimey, dubsteppy Bristol vibes but sounds original.


new frere tuck album is :fire::fire::fire:


Tip, really love this label!


Helped release this one. Still like it, the dude is working on some new stuff which is really good, a little more daring & abstract. Check out some of his newer remixes if you like this.



Good stuff, props to the dude you work with.

Also, any of Madteo’s cassette releases worth tracking down? He’s got 2 out this year.