Beatless Bangers


on some maxi 12s they make beatless versions or synthepellas, but I’ve been discovering more tunes that don’t really have a standard 4/4 kick, but still manage to hold, move, and wring-out a dance floor…

thread was also in conjunction of a memory of hearing stacy pullen dj in 97? and there was a beautiful section near the end of his set where for 20mins he played about 6 different beatless techno things (kenny larkin i suspect) and no one batted an eyelid, it was just raving as per usual,

here’s a couple of beatless bangers, has anyone got any others?

slow burning low end monster

and this thing is magic, reminds me of jungle ala early goodlookin releases


This is one of my favourite topics, I’d love to do a full-length mix of beatless bangers one day…

Here’s a classic one:

And a more recent one:


love this Barker one


this type of thing is one my favourite types of thing

this is probably a real obvious one but: the last few years of Lorenzo Senni’s work

Most of the recent WEN album is beatless bangers

this breathtakingly good mix by Facta has quite a few

my own attempt:

I’m sure I’ll return to this thread when i think of some more to post at like 2am tonight when i should be sleeping


surprised no one posted this one yet;

this stuff is super good and underrated, keep the good times comin

edit; just checked senni’s other stuff; the b-side to xallegrox is stunning


he’s a really good composer! really his stuff is like a hypercompressed synthesized take on the big bombastic 18th-century classical orchestral stuff of like, Beethoven or Saint-Saëns or Tchaikovsky etc.
a few months ago I saw him live on a big system and it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. just outrageous, the physicality and urgency of it, and without ever using a “drum” sound.
(it probably helped that i was the highest i have ever been in my life, but honestly. if he plays a show near you, see him)


gotta be honest, coming back to shape of trance to come, every time that main melody comes back it makes me wanna cry from how instantly beautiful it is

i have no idea what it is about this song but its really got to me inside in a certain way that feels really special


I was in total awe when I saw Senni live. The sheer spread of frequencies he achieves is amazing. Helped that he was performing on an amazing rig but watching the sea of heads nodding to something so stripped back was v special


Another beatless banger from Av Em:


this unreleased sophie track is even higher on the euphoria scale. Such a banger.


fuck this is something special for sure

yall im gonna need a proper like 3 cd compilation album of this stuff, seriously


…and, slightly off-brief, but obviously have to mention the Devil Mixes (Bass Mixes if you’re superstitious.)
these have always been my two percies:


If you’re generous with the definition of beatless, this is one of my faves:


def. stretches the definition but tbh its not like. literally driving the song as most percussion does so id say its a pass. v lovely little tune

edit - just realized this fuckin tune counts;


I always thought some of Alessandro Cortini’s pieces like ‘Rimasta’ could hold a dancefloor in the right set.


this whole album, really…


I’m a huge fan of poly and Euclidean rythmns any “pulse music” really. Here’s an amazing of a track with a strong pulse but no real rythmn:


Ohhhh I am all over this track tho; it definitely has a rhythm imho though, since theres distinct loop points in the sound all over it and id also argue that it technically speaing has “beats” but tbh im not a picky bugger about some fine tunes like this


Great thread!
Instantly thought of this

I can’t help but think this influenced Senni in some ways


oh and this track as well of course!