Beatless Bangers


This masterpiece (thanks Actress for putting it in your dj-kicks)


call super special


Just noticed Objekt post a tweet about this inspired by the Barker release up top - a few people mentioned that Dave Angel track too


dunno how i could’ve possibly forgotten to post THIS ONE



not quite bangers but,


Raft Living by Overmono on the new Polykicks 12?


New RA Podcast from Objekt

From the short interview:

This podcast has a distinctly mellower vibe than what we’ve heard from you before (possibly related to your recent crowd-sourcing of “propulsive club tracks with no kick drum”). Do you make a conscious effort to deliver something new with each mix or record, or is it more a matter of what you happen to feeling at the time?

Ha! To be honest I really didn’t expect so much response to that thread—it blew up to such an extent that out of mild embarrassment I decided to make a conscious effort to stick to music I already owned for this mix rather than exploiting my own social media followers for music tips. I did end up using one or two of the tracks from that thread, the Sunareht for example, but mostly it served to replenish my (by now utterly depleted) “no-kick roller” playlist for the future.

Anyway, as for trying to deliver something new for each mix: not necessarily, and certainly not with club recordings. But I’ve been promising RA a mix for a long time and did feel a certain pressure to do something special. To be honest I didn’t think RA would end up being the home for this kick-less mix (I thought it might be too niche for such a wide audience) but I generally have so little time to record mixes that having agreed to do a mix for RA I figured if I didn’t record a mix like this now then I’d never get around to it at all. So here we are. I’m not sure I’d call it “mellow” though.


Heard this one at de School recently. Was pretty superb to hear, either dropped by Objekt or Stingray.





I love this type of stuff!


aw yea that Rabit track made me remember I love this track so much…


depending on how u look at this one this might either be without any kickdrums or a song with only kickdrums :stuck_out_tongue:

also not rlly a banger per se but this fits :heart:


here’s a batch


Holy shit i’m so glad i’ve stumbled across this


nice thread. glad it got revived


new barker just came out. really known for his kickless style


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