Bassline appreciation



I get that it’s not the most cerebral of music, but it is brilliant party music. DJ Q has just done the latest fabric live, perhaps lending a bit of legitimacy to style? I’m a big fan off the stuff coming out of Sheffield’s Off Me Nut and Chip Butty records. Love to get some more recommendations to pogo around my kitchen to.


I love the stuff.

Good start is to type ‘niche bassline’ into youtube and see where the wormhole takes you.


UK Bassline and, by extension, Hard Bass are pretty much my guilty pleasures in life. Love Off Me Nut, everything that comes out from there is solid gold. It’s pretty fascinating how its sound just instantly flicks me into a kinda party mode even though I wouldn’t even know what that is lmao

If you want my current picks of stuff from OMN rn, it’s their Spinnin Out compilation and also Phatworld’s classic Ultimate Danger.


Ha ha, we’re in the same boat. I own almost the entire OMN back catalogue! Absolutely love it, I end up just grinning ear to ear when it’s on.

I’m gonna be on the niche YouTube fix tonight!!


sorry, bassline n00b here…what does “niche” refer to?


It was a club in Sheffield that was right at the forefront of the scene

Decent article about it here


sounds fucking legendary


Oh, yeah, also shoutout to the one track I always go back to from OMN, this eternal classic:


Some lads were chatting on dubstepforum some months ago saying that the UK were the best making banging club music and doing drugs. Bassline is the epitome of this imo; the most British accumulation of club culture. It just goes so hard. Also, Off Me Nut is like one of the best names for a label lol.

^^^^ banger

^^^ this one too


love this style. have plans to create a thread that incorporates this mixtape series into a year of listening…mix a week…not quite ready yet just planting seeds…but yes bassline is fully brilliant party music, very much a 2000s era successor to the rave sounds that have become so referential and trendy…but there’s nothing like a bassline drop that can make people lose their shit much in the same way a good booty break drop can do in the states…respect!


A lot of this stuff seems to come out of the north too, where there has always been a bit of a proud mentalist vibe. Back in the day you had happy hardcore down on the south and then up on Newcastle and Scotland there was Bass Generator and co going hard as hell.

I know one of the guys on off me nut and partied a few times down in Sheffield in a life before kids. They did go all in. Down for the night generally ended up as a three day bender.

@avery I love Tenik MCing on any track. This is a personal favorite


yeah! as a west coast america guy super curious about the history, thanks!


Not that it’s always good to live up to sterotypes, but I was just chatting to a friend that was at a festival that the off me nut boys were at.

@nickecks I totally love that this stuff has found its way from the red brick terraces of Sheffield to the US.


Holy SHIT that tune! I really need to spend more quality time in the OMN discography clearly :heart_eyes:

Edit: Just stumbled into this absolutely mad tune, mashing up maroon 5 with some squire of gothos/dankle


I’ve got alot of time for niche bassline, and any 4x4 stuff that follows the same conventions.

Just not for this new style where they claim it’s a remix, while they’ve taken an intro of a song, looped it, and dropped their brostep sounding bassline track in to follow. :sleepy:


the two best things that have ever come up for me from typing “bassline mix” or “niche” into youtube^

The absolute best music to get in a good mood. Can’t wait to listen to DJ Q’s fabriclive!


Blimey that’s some proper old school Bassline. Am definitely enjoying the second one.

Also unrelated but shout outs on that great username, love me some Hirasawa :+1:


Aye, not a day goes by now that I don’t get the bass line from Straight Up now stuck in my head, it’s a proper banger!

Haha thanks! Not got a lot by them actually but was going through a bit of a phase at the time the forum appeared (it’s also a reference to physical modelling synthesis which is a bit cringe-worthy to explain haha)


If you ever wanna dive back into em, my personal fave is Big Body :ok_hand:


WIll check it out, cheers!

Anyway here is another (pretty terrible) Organ/Niche remix that I adore despite it falling out of time with itself.

Do Organ mixes count? I’m saying they do.